I've Been There Before

Chapter 18 Is Your Body Cold, Or Hot?


Gloria didn't dare to blame Caden since he was her boss. But when she looked at Grace, her gaze showed that she was feeling sad for her.


Had this woman offended her boss so that he treated her in this manner cruelly?


A trace of complicated emotion flashed in Gloria's eyes as she watched Gloria limping away with one hand on the wall.


The money and the bank card in her hands seemed to bear burning temperature.


Gloria turned around and rushed to her office. She put the bank card and all the notes into the safe and felt that the burning pain on her palms finally vanish after doing all these.


When Gloria opened the door of Room 606, she almost bumped into Caden.


“President Shaw.” Gloria greeted him respectfully. Caden softly uttered a word, “Yeah”, and then walked pass her and headed towards outside.


When Gloria stepped into the room, she heard those guests talking about Gloria. “That woman is so lowly and cheap! I've dated numerous women and see various kinds of greedy women, but le never seen a woman who would throw her dignity and act so lowly to get the money. Tsk..."


“Yeah, when l saw her lying on all fours wagging her tail degradingly, I felt the impulse to kick her. Why could she be so shameless and degrade herself to that point, just to earn the rewards? l've never seen a person acting like this!”


Gloria wanted to refute them!


That was not the casel


loves money above everything else, how could she casually give her all the money without any reluctance as soon as


keep the money. How would she give her all the money and leave


felt so tired. She went back to the dressing room, undressed


the washroom of the dressing room, turned on


loòoked at the man from the mirror, and subconsciously clenched


“President Shaw."


from the mirror, the man was staring at


while, he chuckled, “Heh, you have more self-knowledge. That


a big hand gently landed on Grace's face, covering


our arrogant lady of the James family. Haha, you deserve it. lÝ you could behave yourself three years ago, you


beat... She knew what


obedient as she was now, and if she hadn't killed Wallis Venus, she


of the Pearl City, and wouldn't




“I appreciate your lesson, Mr. Shaw.” If this happened three years ago, Grace would definitely


Yet he could not


his gaze became fiercer. The strange feeling and the mixed emotion had annoyed


lady, you surprised me again. Hey, if your brother sees


that! Grace subconsciously wanted to shout out the sentence. Her fingernails nailed into her palm


look at the mirror anymore. She was

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