I've Been There Before

Chapter 17 Intensified Humiliation

Outside the private room, Gloria Su appeared around the corner. When she raised her head, a glimmer of sharpness flashed across her eyes.

She walked towards the door and asked in a low voice, “Luna, what are you doing here?”

Luna was startled by the sudden cold voice and abruptly turned around. When she saw that it was Gloria, she appeared uneasy, “Noting... l didn't see anything...”

Luna was the hostess of Room 606, yet those dudes drove her out and required Gloria to send the newly-come cleaner to the room in person.

Being ejected out of the room, Luna naturally felt unsatisfted. Since there was no one around the private room just now, she secretly slightly pushed open the door and then peeked through the crack of the door. When she saw what was happening in it, she widened her eyes in shock, and at the same time, hysterically laughed at Graces shamelessness and inability.

Gloria snorted coldly. She had asked her ˆwhat are you doing,, not 'what are you looking at. Yet Lunas answer was indeed

a very poor lie which revealed the truth “Don't wander around here. Go to the first floor to welcome the guests.” Luna wanted to say something, but Gloria coldly shot a glance at her, so she left the sixth floor although she was unwilling to. But she was still angry in heart... Gloria was so biased! She was the hostess of Room 606, but

she didn't allow her to entertain the guests here!

The guests in Room 606 were all rich and powerful - she could tell it with only one glance. What's more, they were all handsome and young.

Bug Gloria assigned a useless cleaner to do this enviable jobl

Now she even ordered her to go to the first floor to greet those normal guests.

Luna stamped her feet in dissatisfaction and resentment and then left.

Gloria gently pushed open the door and peeked through the crack. Even if she had seen countless dark sides in nightclubs, the scene inside the room astonished her.

In the room

“Quicker. Why are you crawling slowly? You don't want the rewards?”

Grace gritted her teeth and bit hard on her lower lip, trying hard to ignore the pain from her muscles, bones and meridians. She quickened her pace and unconsciously, her clothes were soaked and wet with sweats.

After being discharged from the jail, even if she was walking on the road at the noon of the hot summer, she would not shed a sweat, but now, she broke into sweats on the back.

“Quicker, come here.” .Joyce and those dudes laughed playfully. Caden watched Grace crawl to Joyce Lance, who was at his twenties, without any respect to her own dignity. Covered by the darkness, a fierce storm of emotions emerged in his eyes.

Grace James... Anger smoldered in Caden's eyes as he felt an inexplicable sadness in his heart.

Caden had never thought about why he would feel angry. The woman before him was the one he hated her guts and she was so cheap, lowly and filthy.