I've Been There Before

Chapter 16 The Utmost Humiliation


“I... Grace opened her mouth trying to say something to refuse it. Under the cover of the darkness, Caden secretly curled his lips into a smirk...

Just as he had guessed, the arrogant Grace .James, the daughter of the .James family, would never put aside her dignity to endure such kind of humiliation.


“If I pick up all the notes in one minute, then I can keep the money, right? And you will give me an additional incentive of 50,000 CNY, right?”


It seemed to be so hard for Grace to say “No' to this proposal. She thought of that silly girl, who was the only one to show kindness to her in the prison, and thought of that girl's unfulfilled wish. Then Grace changed her mind... Dignity? Did she have the dignity now?

The current Grace .James possessed nothing! She had no home, no families, no friends and no past. She only had herself.


The young man laughed, “Of course, l'm a man of my words." He peered at the comical woman on the ground patronizingly with a trace of mockery in his eyes.


“Okay." Her voice was so hoarse and low that it was quite unpleasant. As no one would pay special attention to her, naturally no one had discerned the depression and sorrow in her words. Then, in front of these people, Grace squatted down. Someone pointed at her and teased, “Young Master Lance, look, I think she looks like your silly dog.”


The man, who threw money to Grace just now, snorted, “Are you blind? Roke is a male dog.”


“Oh... oh yeah!” The other man smirked, “Roke is a male dog, and this is a female dog. Hahaha...”


Their jeers and taunts lingered in the air. Grace bit hard on her lower lip and swiftly picked up the notes which were scattered on the ground. Therefore, Grace had to crawl on the ground to pick up these sporadic notes.


“Grace, dorrtt listen to it and don take it to your heart


'Grace, these taunts are just nothing! You should thank these dudes for their mercy when comparing this kind of humiliation with those you had suffered in the prison.


'Grace, your life is not valuable, not to mention your dignity!'


'Grace, you must remember that you own a girl her life, and you should realize her dream about the Erhai Lake