I've Been There Before

Chapter 15 Teasing


Grace had already been transferred to the P.R. Department for three days but she did not earn a single penny yet. She glanced at the time, 23:07. This period was the time that the club would start to grow peak at night.


There was no one else in the entire P.R. Department, except her being alone in the lounge as the colleagues from the same department were on their duties. To be frank, everyone earned a lot in the P.R. Department of the Royal Club because the customers who went there were extraordinarily rich people. They were rich and powerful businessmen that were willing to spend lavishly.


Although Grace had only been here for three days, she had heard Queena, who had been hugging and cuddling with Franklin in the stairwell last time, showing off yesterday that a rich businessman from Hong Kong was very generous because he gave her fifty thousand as her tip.


Ten Fifty thousand' was half a million, one hundred 'fifty thousand' was five million...In this way, she would be able to fulfill what that man wanted, then she could be freed.


Grace shook her head...That was Queena, not her. She could remember Caden saying that you could actt pity, or show your stupidity and ugliness. But she did not even have the chance to show her stupidity and ugliness right now.


“Grace, come with me.” The door was opened from the outside. Grace looked at the direction that the voice came from and realized it was Gloria.


“Gloria.” She stood up quickly and followed Gloria without saying other words.


“Aren't you going to ask where i'm bringing you to?” Gloria raised her eyebrows and asked, “You are coming with me without even asking, don't you afraid that I'lI sell you?”


Grace smiled, “Gloria, lm worthless.”


Gloria who was leading the way ahead felt a knot in her stomach when she heard the woman saying with a faint smile that she herself was worthless. Nevertheless, Gloria returned normal very quickly and led Grace into a changing room.


Gloria handed the costume to Grace, “Hurriedly put it on.”


Grace blinked as she felt that the costume in her hands was slightly extraordinary, “Gloria, this...”


looked at Grace sympathetically, “.Just put it on. It's Mr. Shaw's order.” Gloria pointed at the costume in Grace's hands, “This was also


to convince Grace. However, to her surprise, the woman in front of her just lowered her head, turned her body and silently


Grace put on the clown costume, Gloria called for someone to do makeup for her. Grace quietly sat in front of the makeup mirror and let


with a round and red ball, a big red mouth with a cracked smile and a


feelings, led Grace to the sixth floor, “Let's go in. There are some dudes from the capital in this private room. These dudes are indeed bored of playing other things, how would they choose to watch a clown show in the Royal Club.” Gloria suddenly realized that she had said too much and quickly said to


I still need to earn that five million, thank


a long while, she reached out to knock the door and then brought Grace into the private room while


felt surprised...Why was Caden here?


also here! He purposely did this! He wanted to see her being humble, to


black sofa with diamonds inlaid. Showing a hip-hop style, he wore a white striped shirt, skinny jeans and there was a glittering silver


man was apparently in his early twenties. His dyed flaxen hair


come in, he suddenly leaned forward and this made the


yes. lf your smile makes me happy, l will reward you." The thick wad of notes


The insult intensified.


head up. She purposely showed a wide grinned


The young man shook his index fingers dashingly, “You want


pupils shrank and all this


again, Grace blinked. The grin on her face became wider and wider, revealing a row of white teeth,

laughed loudly and asked the other dudes next to him,


when there was cheering and applauding all around. The dudes laughed happily and shouted at each other, “This is funny! Here, you

did not know


money is

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