I've Been There Before

Chapter 14 Humiliation and Torture


The more Grace thought about it, the more she shook her head violently, “I don't want, Mr. Shaw. I don't want to be transferred to the P.R. Department." Graces voice was overwhelmed with panic as she begged for forgiveness, “lts my fault, l know I made a mistake, please forgive me, Mr. Shaw. I have already spent three years behind bars, I have paid for it. lÍ you give me back my bank card, I will immediately disappear from your sight, I will go to a very far place, I promise, I won't appear in front of you again.”


Grace only focused on begging for forgiveness but she did not realize that Gloria, who was also there, had widened her eyes in surprise when she heard that Grace had served three years in jail. Gloria was not originally from S City and she came to S City two years ago, hence she did not know about Graces matter.


The old employees who had been working for Caden for a longer time were all clear about Graces matter.


Caden squinted his long and narrow eyes...She was still thinking to escape from him?


Not appearing in front of him anymore?


“Humph...ˆ Caden Snorted softly, grabbed his phone and ordered his man to do something. Not long after, there was a knock on the door and one man came in to give Caden a card.


Caden slowly squatted down and locked eyes with Grace, who knelt down on the ground, while his fingers were clamping the bank card, “This bank card does not have money anymore as l just asked Kirk to transfer all of it.” Grace took a look at the bank card, and then lifted her head to look at Caden, feeling dazzled.


Caden compressed his lips and said slowly, “You want me to let you go, right?”


Grace was stunned. Although she was puzzled, she nodded immediately.


“Do you think l'm a kind person?” Caden continued to ask but Grace kept silent. The man laughed lightly, “That's right, I, Caden Shaw, is never a kind person. How will me let you off so easily?”


As if Caden was talking about another person, he looked at Grace insouciantly, like a cat catching a mouse and controlling the prey in the palm. A charming smile was slowly shown on his handsome face, “Grace, there isn't a penny in this card right now, if you can earn five million... Caden shook the bank card in his hand, “ÌI let you go as long as yoư re able to deposit five million in this card. Is it okay?”


the bank card between the man's fingers helplessly.


for Caden, did he lack this five million? At this moment, Grace understood that Caden was making fun of


her face. His eyes lit up while his lips


up and the bank card between his fingers fell in front of Grace, “Grace, I don't care what kind of method you use. I'll let you go whenever you have deposited five million


could she get five


she turned her head and anxiously shouted at Caden who was opening the door, “Mr. Shaw, you are truly coercive! Ì am a cleaner, how am l going to earn five


will transfer you to the P.R. Department. You can either make yourself a joke, or act pity, or show your stupidity or ugliness, you can do whatever you can do anyway to entertain the guests. The rích people have many quirks and you can easily kneel to others, right? You can try all means. If it really doesn't work, you can sell your bacon.” Caden curled his lips and added, “But it's really hard to tell since you have no feminine beauty.ˆ Caden squinted and said, “You better look out for yourself.” Grace watched Cadens upright and slender physique disappear


clammy. Gloria who was by the side felt sorry for her... “How did you offend President


looked at Gloria, showing a miserable smile. At this moment, Gloria noticed there was a


up and her body was quivering violently. Gloria felt sympathetic towards her and was about to reach out to help her stand straight. But, Grace who barely managed to stand still smiled gratefully at Gloria with


even stand properly and did not believe the word “fine”


head and uttered the three words to Gloria again,




of her stiffen for a moment, but Grace asked


was startled, “Grace... Gloria originally wanted to ask something but she swallowed the words back and said

I'lI bring you there.”


purposely slowed down her pace. Several years of working

were not normal at that moment. She did not notice that before


legs numb due to the kneeling just


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