I've Been There Before

Chapter 13 She was Transferred to the Public Relations Department

Grace was on tenterhooks when standing in front of Caden. Someone knocked on the door a while later, Cadens magnetic voice rang, 'Come in.

Grace stared at the one who just came in as panic as her--lt was Gloria, the interviewer she met three months ago.

"Good day, Gloria." Grace said while hiding the tension in her heart. She carefully peeked at Caden who was leaning against the armchair, and then turned her eyes to the suddenly appeared Gloria. Her heart was racing for not knowing what's the mysterious marrs intention.

"Good day, Mr. Shaw." Gloria was in a well-fitting white suit that did not diminish her charms but perfectly outlined her big boob. She was servile and submissive when facing Caden, she said, "How may l help you, sir?”

Glorias manner toward Caden was a little strange in Grace's eyes as if Gloria was Caderrs subordinate... The fact was that Caden really was Glorias big boss. Three years in prison made Grace isolated from the world which had been turned upside down.

"Do you know her?" Caden raised his chin towards Grace. Glorias face paled a little, and she stole a glare at Grace, who had greatly impressed her before.

Gloria pulled the corners of her mouth to give a forced smile, “Mr. Shaw, did Grace offend you? Please don't get mad at her, I must teach her a good lesson for this."

Grace knew that Gloria was interceding for her. She had expected that Gloria, who was known for her harshness, would fire her at once, instead of speaking for her in front of Caden. She could not help but feel surprised and appreciate Gloria.

Gloria glared at Grace again. She risked helping her only because Grace had been hard-working while being obedient without causing her any trouble. She was wondering how the ignoble Grace would offend one she shouldnt offend the most.

Their interactions clearly caught his sharp black eyes.

Cadens dark eyes grew sullen at Gloria, Who was her interviewer?"

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