I've Been There Before

Chapter 12 The Lowly Grace


She said to him seriously, “Caden, you are so strong and talented and have so many enemies. Caden, you must not have any weaknesses. Your woman must not become your weakness. Wallis is too weak. l, Grace, am strong!”


Each time he scolded her, “Slut, you even covet your friends man!” Each time she will talk back with her head raised, “Caden, you are still single, when Wallis becomes your girlfriend, I will leave you alone”


What an arrogant woman!


“I beg you to return my money." He heard the voice of her begging.


Cadens face turned gloomy... was she Grace? That proud and confident woman?


He grabbed Grace's wrist and yanked her towards his car.


“Money, my money, let me ofÍf, without money l can't go.” She kept repeating and Cadens eyes colder... she really planned on escaping!


Caden stopped and looked at the bodyguard dressed in black, “Go and look at her luggage. Keep all her money and bank cards."


Grace heard and panicked, “What do you intend to do?”


Caden laughed coldly, “You want to escape? Do you think that you can escape with money? Grace, oh Grace, it's either you are too naive or l've become too kind.”


He leaned towards her ear and like a nightmare, “How will I let you off so easily? After coming out of prison you should have gone as far away as possible and not let me see you. Since you ve been seen by me, Grace, you worry be able to escape.”


Caden looked at Kirk and then towards the taxi driver.


nodded to indicate


Grace and violently pushed her into the car and he entered the


driver answered respectfully, “Yes, Mr.


to speak and beside her was a block


looked down emotionlessly. His eyes were indifferent under the gold frame glasses, but he was not as calm as his outward


how long they drove before the car stopped. Grace looked


this is the Royal club? Shaw, Mr. Shaw, why


Grace's fear, he squinted and didn't know what she was thinking. He turned and saw a terrified woman


chill and begged, “I beg you, you are a great man. Let me off, Mr. Shaw, if I have


“Shut up!”


be so furious! Her face got even paler, “1, l... She was at a loss for words and clenched her teeth. In


her with anger and she actually knelt. Does she not have any


fury continued, he opened the door with one hand and dragged Grace out with the other hand, “You want to kneel? You love to

and pushed Grace to the entrance of the Royal Club. He pushed her onto the ground, “Since you love to kneel, Grace, you can kneel here and showed how


why he was so angry. This woman had always been disgusting and beyond

Grace! Grace! Gracel!


spineless woman be the Grace who once proposed to him with


while looking at him, “Mr. Shaw, I admit to my mistakes, please let me off, I beg you. l was already in prison for three


He yelled coldly, “Since you love to kneel, let everyone look at you.


she will never be


She was wrong!


Miss .James...?

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