I've Been There Before

Chapter 7 Kiss Her


"Grace, what do you want to do after getting out of prison? l want to go to Erhai Lake, the beauty of Erhai Lake is clear and clean. The water birds there are very cute, the fish and shrimps in Erhai Lake are very delicious. The sky is bluer, the water is clearer, even the sunshine is warmer than this city.


"1 will work hard to make money, make a lot of money so that I can run a small homestay there. I don't want to make money, just want to face the Erhai Lake every day, with ebb and flow. I don't want to make a lot of money, as long as I have enough food and clothing. I can watch backpackers come and go, come and go occasionally.'


"Grace, I seem to be dying. What can I do? I haven't had time to take a look at the beauty of Erhai Lake."


lt was the sound of natural sadness that Grace could not forget in her life. She hugged the girl and kept using her body temperature to warm up the girl's body which was gradually cold.


When the girl was dying, she stayed in her arms, looked at a small piece of sky outside the tiny bars of the prison with the desire in her clear eyes. She said, "Grace, I have not been to Erhai Lake. The beauty of Erhai Lake is what I saw on TV, newspapers and magazines. I know that even if l get out of prison, I don't have the money to open a small homestay in Erhai Lake. I just want to have this impossible dream when l am dying."


Úp to now, Grace still remembered the longing eyes of the girl in her arms before she died.


Memories were still so painful that the corners of Graces eyes were unknowingly wet. She stretched out her hand and wiped it secretly. As she was creeping on the ground, she touched her left hip quietly, where was empty, with one organ less than normal.


Because of it, she couldn't drink. She must live.


owed an unpayable

and had not been


She couldn't die yet!

and said, "Mr. Shaw, as long as you don't let me


slowly turned upwards, “Anything

James family, had thrown all her self-confidence and arrogance

see if the one in front of him was still Miss James,

¡is okay

figure slowly walked out from the dark corner, “Sir." The man was dressed in a black

confusion. On the man's perfect golden face, a bright smile like a flower bloomed, and his thin lips

his slender fingers and fixed her eyes on the silent bodyguard in black suit behind him...Suddenly, her

Cadens playful laugh came in her ear, “Either drink or

basin of ice water poured down from her head, Grace could only feel extremely cold. Her ears buzzed. She raised her head, looked at the man like

be like a lady in

lips, it turned out that her first kiss was so cheap. Even if only fear and dread remained for his feelings. Even if she had cleaned up her feelings for him long ago and buried them in her heart. There was still a bit of hard and irresistible pain

neither coldness nor hatred nor love, only the rich despair that could not be overcome

the despair in her eyes happily. This woman...should refuse his absurd request? Between drinking and performing kissing scenes with strange a man

was Miss James before, the

her first kiss. lt could be cheap in his eyes, but it

didn't want to lose her first

She already lost everything.

man raised his wine glass and said, "You are not qualified to bargain with me." A cheerful smile evoked at the corner of his mouth. He wanted to

for a long time, there was pain on her leg bones, and she almost fell

she had been kneeling for a long time and her legs were numb. Ruby knew that the limping woman

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