I've Been There Before

Chapter 6 Aren't You Going to Greet Me


She really got involved! She was not supposed to help Ruby!


Grace was filled with regret.


"Hey, i'm asking you, cleaner.'


Grace only had to nod.


The cynical voice laughed happily, and said to Ruby, “Have you heard? A cleaner is better at looking at the situation than you, having a good self-knowledge.' He grabbed the bottle of wine and put it on the table again, “Drink ¡t all. Otherwise, call Gloria over.' Gloria was the one who interviewed Grace.


When it came to Gloria, Ruby was a little scared. Her family was poor and she came to Royal club as a waiter because of the high salary. lf

Gloria came here, then she would lose her job.


"don't call Gloria!" Ruby grabbed the bottle of wine on the crystal table. "! drink!" She said. Before drinking, tears came down.


"Wait a minute." In the darkness, a low voice sounded unhurriedly. Grace turned her back to the dark corner, and when she heard this voice, she began to tremble violently.


Panic crawled under her eyes, and her breathing began to heavier.


"Turn around. In the darkness, the voice commanded.


Grace felt her legs were too heavy to move. She said to herself desperately, "Not to me."


again, turn around.

she had to do it. Her teeth were trembling up and down. She wore


weird. At this time, everyone discovered that something was


his fingers to his lips and whistled happily, "What a game we have


shut up, don't disturb me





life was filled with untold suffering. She never dared to have any unreasonable thoughts about Caden after


love for this man, these feelings had been buried in her heart long ago,


slowly. Grace moved one by one with his


the dark corner. She did not dare to look closely when she came


in the corner of the sofa, with his slender arms resting on the armrests of the sofa. His chin was rested on the back of his hand, which looked very elegant. But he


not only did he not be stained with the traces of the years,


dim light, seemed to be plated with golden light. He sat there, exuding a


she didn't dare to take another look at him! She buried her head in the thick


in a dangerous voice, 'Long time no see. don't


face was pale,


pinching her thighs with her fingers, trying to keep


long been seen through by the man on the opposite


Had it not been for seeing her at Royal Club today, he would have almost forgotten


the waiter who accidentally said, “Grace'',


could only get a general look at her. Even so, Caden had to


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