I've Been There Before

Chapter 5 Get into Troubles


Grace had lingering fears, but before she could be rejoiced, she suddenly realized that she was being intimately hugged by a strange man.


"Ah...' Grace was panicked. Except for her brother, she had never been hugged so intimately by any man...including...him.


Franklin Gordons face turned dark. He stretched out his other hand, and quickly covered Grace's mouth. “Shut up! You are a weird woman! Normal people will instinctively call out in shock if they fall. You didn't scream when you fell, bụt now yoưre screaming!"


"You, you...you let me go first.”


Seeing her stammering and suspicious appearance, an idea occurred to Franklin, 'Hey, you screamed because I hugged you, did you?” Franklin looked at the woman in his arms and her expression was abnormal for a moment. The corners of his mouth couldn't help but twitch.


”,.„.lf seems to be so." As his eyes rolled, Franklin smiled weirdly, 'Hey, woman, haven't you been hugged by a man like this?"


Franklin thought that the woman's reaction was very interesting. Looking at the red ears of the woman in his arms, he wanted to do something mischievous. His hand that hugged Grace's waist deliberately tightened.




Franklin looked at the blushing face of the woman, as if he had found something interesting... There were still women who would blush after being hugged around the waist these days! What a novelty! So funny!


Franklin was very excited.


Hugging Grace, he deliberately pinched her waist. This feeling of touching the fabric was weird. Franklin didn't care about gentleman's demeanor. He stretched his fingers to the hem of Grace s clothes and quickly reached into her clothes. This touch made his heart tremble.


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