I've Been There Before

Chapter 11 He is here

A second later, sounds of tapping can be heard from the taxi drivers window and Grace could hear a cold and calm voice, “Sir, please open your front passenger door.”

The tone was very formal without a hint of emotion but the ˆPlease' was firmly emphasized... Cader's subordinates had all learned from him.

Grace yelled anxiously at the driver, “ don't open the door!” She said, “I'lÍ give you money...”



The driver sides window shattered into bits.

This sudden action not only startled Grace but also the Taxi driver.

“I, I want to call the police! It’s lawless...”

A stack of brand new 100-yuan bills was thrown onto his lap. At one look, it appeared to be ten thousand yuan. The bodyguard dressed in black looked in and asked, “Now, can you open the door?”

“Yes, yes yes! No problem!” The driver was brought over by the money replied and opened the door, “Hey, get off.”

The driver must have thought that this crazy woman beside him had offended some important figure and didn't need to be kind towards her.

He rudely chased her off the taxi but Grace wouldn't leave. She held on tightly to the backrest and the driver forcefully pulled off Graces arm.

“Get off! I don't want to serve you! Hurry upU”

Grace continued to hold onto the backrest and shook her head desperately, “No! No! don't make me get off!”

“Get off.” A cold and calm voice came from behind Grace. The familiar voice made Grace tense up.

The madness of the night was immediately calmed by this voice.

around, don't turn around and everything will be fine...

how bad the consequences will be if you

face was pale... yes! Of course, she knew!l How

fears and

the street lamp. With a cigarette in

can see his expression

low toned voice was manly and alluring,


didn't want to go over, absolutely not! But she didn't dare to. It was as if her

He scoffed, “Do you think what you did is worth it? The once decisive, confident, and calm Miss James is now trying to delay the

a deep breath and forcibly pinched her thigh... She knew that to Caden, her actions were

that it was like

the truth... truth!

clenched her teeth and quickened her pace. A familiar pain

her walking faster, he smiled...

before him. Caden exhaled a puff of smoke and flicked his cigarette butt and his man immediately grabbed the cigarette

hand grabbed her chin and she winched in

right. He inspected Grace's face and said, “Hehe, when did the high and mighty Miss James become so timid and fearful? Being kicked off by a taxi driver

shivered and asked, “You sent men

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was terrible and smirked to herself... she

looked towards the taxi driver and said slowly, “Driver, didn't you ask me what l stole and couldn't escape?” She looked at the drivers eyes, ˆA life, I stole a woman's life,

very slowly so that they feel that they were not dealing with a twenty-old woman but an old person,

in anger while grabbing Grace's hand and shafted her into his

money!” She managed to break free and “ram over but to the others, she was only walking

around her waist, “My money!


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