I've Been There Before

Chapter 9 His Rage and Humiliation


"Miss .James, now, in order to beg for mercy, she humbled and humbled herself to kiss a servant under the public. You say, if .Jafar knows that, will he feel shamed?” Jafar was Grace's father.


Grace shook, her face instantly pale. But in the next second, she remembered something, and retorted him with pale lips, "There is no Grace in the James family. I am just a prisoner." Looking at the handsome face that was close at hand, this was the face she dreamed of, but now, she avoided like it was a snake.


"Mr. Shaw, Ïm just a prisoner. Please forgive me. Let me go." She suppressed her fear of him, trying to be humble and humble. She just wanted to live peacefully.


What was dignity? Coming out of that dark hell and finally seeing the sun, she couldn† bear to give up the hard-won warmth.


Caden narrowed his eyes dangerously, his eyes filled with anger... How could the humble woman in front of him had been the Grace who entangled with him, even if he gave her a cold face, she could ignore it, rushed towards him like a fish to water, burning all her passionate.


Caden grinned his teeth. Cadens anger was inexplicable, and even he didn† know why he was angry.


The man's eyes were cold, his sharp gaze locked her lips tightly. There was still a trace of Franklin mark on it—when he pulled the woman away forcibly, Franklin's teeth left a tooth mark on her lips accidently.




"That was your first kiss just now?”