I've Been There Before

Chapter 8 Franklin Intervened

lngemar was about to speak when Humbert interrupted him without a trace. The slender eyes flashed, “She, she angered Caden. Do you see the wine on the table?2" Humbert pointed to the whiskey on the coffee table casually, 'Caden said she had to either drink up the bottle of wine or perform a kiss in public, just as a sideshow."

”Oh~" Franklin responded, walked slowly towards Grace, glanced lazily at Caden on the sofa,. Then he touched his chin cynically,

"Mr. Shaw, you really know how to have fun. lÝ you want to watch a hot kissing scene, you might as well let me be the leading actor. It's not that I am bragging. lf my kissing skills are the second, no one dares to be the first. "

As he said, he stretched out his long arms suddenly to pull Grace, who was confused, into his arms.

Grace couldn't react, and her whole body slammed into Franklin's arms. In the next second, her lips were warm, and her eyes widened.

She... was kissed?

Her face became hot instantly. She felt hot from the roots of the ears to the toes.

Franklin was surprised at the matte and softness of the small mouth covered by his thin lips. The touch... that was so fucking good!

Originally, he didn't want to kiss deeply. In a mischievous mentality, he just prepared to touch her lips quickly, but didn't want to be seduced by the touch on her lips.

When he was going to deepen the kiss, someone took a strong force to snatch the woman in his arms.

Franklin didn't get the sweetness he expected, and looked dissatisfied with the person who took Grace away.

"Caden, return her to me.”

Caden looked gloomy. His eyes were sharp, “She offended me. No one can take her away until I calm down."

Franklin raised his eyebrows and looked at Caden. They were also friends and foes since childhood. Even if he later went abroad with his parents and Caden stayed in the country, their relationship had not changed.

Then, the woman Caden cared about...Franklin was very curious, and glanced at the woman who was pulled behind by Caden. He was surprised to find that her ears were red.

Suddenly, it occurred to him that it was the first time this woman was even hugged by a man. lt might be her...

“Hey, is this your first kiss?”

Grace's face was even redder than a monkey's ass. The ears were red as if they were bleeding. Needless to say, her blushing face was the answer.

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