I've Been There Before

Chapter 4 Ran into An Affair


Grace had been working in Royal Club for three months.


When the night came, in the prosperous and over-exhausted city, feasting and revelry made people indulge in it.


Grace had just cleaned up the vomit of a drunk lady. Although her movements were slow, she acted quickly. She lighted the incense again and placed it in the corner.


The mop in her hand swept through the independent sanitary compartments. She came to the last compartments. Here was the place for cleaning tools and the place for her to take a break when she was free from work.


Everything looked orderly.


The waitress who let her come here ran away a long time ago, but Grace didn't care. After cleaning up the mop bucket, she sat in the cubicle and started dazed.


'Grace, everything is what Mr. Caderrs orders..


'Grace, you are nothing anymore. The proud family background ¡is gone. The charming beauty is gone. The excellent education background is gone. You are just a criminal nowf'


'Grace, be obedient. Don't resist us. Mr. Caden ordered us that we must take good care of you.


'Grace, why do you need two kidneys as a prisoner? Take out one to save people, just to make atonement for you.


“Grace... Give up. don't struggle...


matter how hard Grace tried to drive them away, they still appeared


waitress frowned and urged Grace to hurry up. “Hurry


she knew that they deliberately bullied her, she never retorted or refuted. This was an open secret


the waitress heard it, she treated it as Graces


Grace could. The waitress didn†


just said “Oh”. Her dull look made the waitress next to her


out of the elevator. Grace was puzzled. The waitress glanced at Grace disgustingly. "You go


thin. But every day when she went to work, she was wrapped in a thick


quarrel with the


gone up the stairs obediently. When the elevator doors closed, the waitress curled her lips in disdain.


only Grace's footsteps could be


and an escape staircase. Generally, people didn't walk up and down here, but took the elevator. The light was dim and ambiguous. In addition to escape when necessary, there was another use, having an


step. When she reached the fifth and a half floor, she was tired. Stopping on the stairs to rest for a while, there was a sound in her ears, as if panting... Grace was shocked. She looked up. Sure enough, at the corner, a man pressed


she saw the


she was about to retreat, the man's closed eyes suddenly opened,


the back of the unknown woman's head, and kissed the


her head, she was about to turn around to


the sound coming from behind. She was so nervous... She didn't want to


said, pointing to the safety door leading to the sixth floor, 'lm the cleaner who was called to clean up the room


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