I've Been There Before

Chapter 2 Everything Is What Mr. Caden Meant


A trace of surprise flashed across Cadens' eyes... Did she still work hard to maintain her dignity now?


Yes, she was Grace. This woman had always been arrogant. Even if he refused her love confession, she didn't show any weakness.


Caden caught her delicate chin quickly.


"Ouch... It hurts!' Caden caught her chin hard, as if to crush her chin. Grace almost burst out tears because of pain.


Caden did not show any mercy at all. He pinched her chin harder and harder, Who can think of the vicious heart hidden under this beautiful face?


"I really haven't harmed Wallis!" Grace bit her lip. Her face turned into pale in pain, "You can just send me to the prison like this. There is no evidence."


"Yes, I can." Caden sneered, and said cruelly. "Miss Grace, please enjoy prison life here happily from now on." Caden let go of her chin, turned and waved. He walked away freely and easily.


He was revenge on her. Grace's face was pale and could not say a word.


The women's prison was not as peaceful as it seemed. On her first night in prison, she was dragged up.


"You guys, what are you going to do?” Grace watched defensively at the malicious inmates who surrounded her, “don't touch me. Or I will call the prison guard."


After listening what she said, the female prisoners around her weren afraid instead of looking at each other and laughing. A leader among these female prisoners pointed at Grace, "What did you say? Call the prison guard? Hahaha... I didn't hear wrong? You want to call the prison guard?” As she said, she slapped Grace on her face, “Scream! Don†t you want to call the prison guard?”


Grace couldn't stand firmly due to this slap, and her ears were "buzzing”.


Grace supported the wall with one hand. After standing firm, suddenly she slapped the woman unexpectedly.




one thought that this delicate woman would have the courage to


mad by Grace's slap. Her eyes reddened and she screamed, 'Fuck off. Bitchl Go together, punch her! Hit her hard. Anyway, Mr. Caden has


over her body! ...Caden Shaw! Caden


were trembling. Her heart was


no prison guards came over. No wonder, these sturdy and burly female prisoners who surrounded her


window fence on the prison door and called for help loudly, 'Come on! Help! Help! Help!" Knowing that there would be no prison guards coming, she


good care" of her, even if the possibility was slim... She still had illusions that Caden couldn't treat her so


She lost her balance in pain,




Grace was pulled up by grabbing her hair. She



not wait to “Cadens


together. There was only their cheerful laughter in


asked for help not because she was afraid of being beaten or pain, but because she still believed in the little hope


after a while and went to


lying on the ground in pain, tears running down the corner of her eyes. Her face was


much. She had never been so embarrassed. All these just was because she fell in love with Caden,


anger and hatred from Caden when something happened to


Grace explained to everyone


it even


explained that it was not her who asked Wallis to go to YES Club, but Wallis was curious about what "bar" was like and asked her to go to


family, was open and wanton. Wallis was simple, pure and timid. How could she voluntarily

the car broke down on the road, so she did7t come to YES Club

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