I've Been There Before

Chapter 1 Send Her to the Prison


"It's not me. You believe me!" Grace .James stared at the people in the car stubbornly. The heavy rain was pouring. The windows were wet by rain, but it could vaguely see the stern face in the car. Grace stood outside the car tremblingly. Through the window, she shouted loudly, 'Caden Shaw! You at least listen to my explanation!"


The car door suddenly opened. Before Grace could be happy, a strong force pulled her over. She slammed into the car and bumped into him. His dry white shirt instantly got wet.


"Caden, those gangsters who hurt Wallis Venus were not arranged by me... Grace said. A slender and powerful finger pinched her chin without mercy. A unique magnetic voice came from above her head, "Do you like me so much?”


The cold voice was with a slight smell of tobacco, which belonged his smell.


"What?” Grace was a little confused. The whole world knew that she liked him. Why would he suddenly ask this now?


The man pinched Grace's chin. He used his slender hand to stretch towards her face. His fingers gently touched her cheeks that had been wetted by the rain. Grace was almost immersed in his gentle eyes. She seemed to have heard the next sentence that the man would ask her if she was cold.


But the man suddenly exuded angry breath. He said coldly, 'Grace, do you like me so much? You like me so much that you don't hesitate to kill Wallis?"


A chill came from the bottom of Grace's heart and spread all over her body. Grace instantly became sober and couldn't help but smiling bitterly... When did this man show his tenderness to her? I† turned out that it was not tenderness at all. lt was just a smile from Satan.


"I didn't intend to kill Wallis...' She wanted to explain for herself.


"Yes, you didn't intend to kill Wallis. You just bribed a few gangsters and let them rape Wallis.' The man's expression gradually became irritable. He didn't give Grace chance to explain. The clothes on Grace were torn apart.




Along with screaming, Grace was pushed out of the car mercilessly. She fell into the rain in embarrassment. The cold voice of the man sounded particularly pronounced in the sound of rain.


"Grace James, Miss Grace, what you did to Wallis, then I do the same to you. How's the feeling of being naked?”




Grace suddenly raised her head and looked into the car door incredulously. The man sat in the car, looking at her condescendingly. He took out the handkerchief to wipe his fingers slowly, 'Miss Grace, l am very tired now. Please go back."


"Caden! Listen to me! I really...'


"It's not impossible for me to listen to Miss Grace." The man raised his eyelids indifferently, and glanced at Grace, "lf Miss Grace is willing to kneel in front of the Shaw Manor for one night, maybe l am in a good mood, then I can give Miss Grace ten minutes."


The door of the car suddenly closed. The handkerchief was thrown out of the car. Falling in front of Grace, it was wetted by rain.


Grace lowered her head, picked up the handkerchief in the rain, and pinched it firmly in her palm.


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