I've Been There Before

Chapter 39: Live Like a Human Being

Things were simple. It was so simple that all it took was for Grace to continue to cowardly and undignified comply with any of Ruby's unreasonable and even insulting demands.


But in the deepest part of her heart, she was greedy - she wanted that long-lost "respect" so that she didn't have to be like before and only needed to be like the most ordinary people to get the respect of "human" that she deserved.


But apparently, things didn't go as planned.


Since then, Grace hid her heart, which was riddled with holes, even deeper. She hid the things that her heart longed for in the depths of her soul, where no one could touch it. There were dark, cold, and lonely as when the deep sea was at its most still.


Ruby came and went. She always came at mealtime and left after delivering the food.


"I want to get out of the hospital” On the fourth night after the incident, Ruby, as grim as ever, put a take-out box on Grace's hospital bedside table, turned and prepared to leave. Behind her, the woman in the hospital bed who had been silent said slowly.


This coarse and slow voice caused Ruby, who had been indifferent for four days, to stop. She turned her head somewhat agitatedly and refused without thinking,


"No. You are not well enough’


Did she care about her? Grace looked fixedly at Ruby, "I'm better. My fever's gone. I want to work?


"You did that on purpose, didn't you? You want everyone to see the gauze on your forehead?" Ruby said angrily, "Grace, you are indeed something. The saying that you may know a person's face but not his mind is really true. I thought you were honest, but I didn't expect you to be such a schemer”


Grace lowered her eyelashes to hide the disappointment in her eyes. Sure enough, she thought too much. How could she care about her!


When she looked at Ruby again, Grace's eyes became a little numb, “I have to go to work. You're going to do the discharge papers”


With that, she lifted the covers, got out of bed slowly, and changed into the clothes she'd worn when she came.


Ruby's eyes widened in shock. Was Grace just ordering her?