I've Been There Before

Chapter 34: Slander

Grace didn't understand why her former roommate would talk like that to her when they met again. Was it really because she is so unbearable, so disgusting?


She gently pulled the corner of her mouth into a sorrowful smile.


She glanced at Ruby silently, that glance may not have any special meaning, it may be a kind of "recognition" Turning around, 

Grace slowly disappeared from Ruby's eyes.


Ruby was as uncomfortable as if someone had choked her neck. Her hands that were hanging on her sides were now 

clenched into fists, and she was staring at her shadow.


She didn't understand, this woman was so pitiful, why did she act so arrogant in front of her just now!

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Her - Grace!


Why was she so arrogant!


A cripple!


A poor person begging for money!


An ugly monster who didn't have the looks or the figure and hooked up with men everywhere!


She thought of Franklin's charming and handsome face again, and Ruby felt even more resentful in her heart... This bitch 

must have taken the initiative to seduce Mr. Cordon!


Someone nearby kept watching Ruby and Grace until Grace left. Everyone around was watching Ruby's performance. 


Although, this Ruby was now not very welcome.


However, people's urge to gossip was always very strong, they were able to overcome a moment of disgust, and ask with 

ulterior motives, "What's the matter, Ruby? Why are you arguing with her again?”


“Her” referred to Grace.