I've Been There Before

Chapter 31: Her Secret

‘Humbert, you really dared to say it!’


Even Ingemar who was typically undependable, couldn't resist and shivered while looking at Humbert.


“Humbert, 'I see that there isn't anything that concerns us now. I'm hungry, let’s go eat something”


‘Let's go let's go, buddy, now that Caden hadn't lost his temper, let's quickly go... Ingemar said anxiously to himself:


That was true, how could Humbert not know Caden's resentment for Grace.


Grace caused the death of Wallis and at that time Grace was the eldest daughter of the James family. Caden wanted her imprisoned and she was. Now that she was out, he will definitely not let her off.


A fool could see how much Caden hated Grace.


How could a typically scheming Humbert say such a foolish thing?


Not to be swayed, Humbert smirked and joked, “Caden, do you wish to know? he said as he pointed to the woman on the bed, 


“Do you wish to know, this woman's secret?”


He was a doctor and a rather renowned doctor.


If just now during the checkup he didn't find something unusual, then he would have wasted his time all these years.


The man beside the bed squinted and looked towards Humbert and said, “NO!”


This woman's secret? ... Even if this woman had a secret, he should be the first to know and not Humbert!


He had a raging fire within him. Apart from him, who else was that damn woman close to?


“If you're hungry, go and eat”


The order was clearly given for him to leave, Humbert blinked, "Hey, Mr. Shaw, have you no shame? How could you drive a person off after using him?’


“Let's go, Humbert.” Ingemar quickly dragged Humbert and pulled him to the lift.


“What are you doing?” Humbert glared at Ingemar in the lift, “Leave if you want to, why did you drag me out?”