I've Been There Before

Chapter 30 Pathetic



Leon's skill was not that bad either.


He immediately moved his body and dodged that punch.


Both Caden and Leon took a step back after that punch. Their hands were still in front of them, defending themselves and at the same time, trying to predict the moves of their opponent.


Caden’'s expression suddenly turned cold, realization flashed across his eyes. How could he not thought of this, that Leon didn't intend to fight with him. Else, Leon wouldn't have just dodged that punch...Leon wasn't the type to run away from problems, so he would have blocked his punch with his hands if he wanted a fight.


These were two extreme ways to deal with a punch.


Leon was certainly the former.


“Stay away from her.” Caden hugged the girl in his arms, preparing to leave.


When he reached the doorway, someone advised him from behind, “You're a respectable opponent so I'll warn you. I hope you'll understand what your heart wants before it’s too late.” Don’t be like me and regret it in the end.


Leon blinked a few times, hiding the darkness in his eyes.


The man at the door was emotionless. “It’s none of your business.”


Leon wasn't a nosy person either. Originally, he wasn’t going to say anything else, but his heart softened when his eyes fell on the girl, “Caden Shaw, you're in love with her.”

The expression on Caden’s face was unreadable.

There was a slight curve on his mouth. He glanced at the girl in his arms. Was he in love with her?

Leon also sensed Caden’s ignorance. He laughed lightly. When did he become a saint and advise his own rival to not commit mistakes in a relationship?

“Hey, for your own good, let me offer you the last piece of advice. Don’t ever mention ‘locking her up’ in front of her.”

Caden’'s body stopped a while before stepping out of the room. He headed straight to the elevator.