I've Been There Before

Chapter 28 Mr. Lo

Grace recuperated in the hospital, but she was not at ease.


"Why are you come back?" Gloria didn't expect that she would see Grace in Royal Club tonight, "You are not well yet."


"Gloria, it's OK. I've had enough rest." Grace had been thinking about her debt, "Gloria, I'm really well. Can I... Please, Gloria, can you get me an assignment? I can do anything."


"You...' Gloria looked at Grace who was humble and stubborn, and couldn't open her mouth to refuse her.


She sighed, "OK, I'll go and have a look."


“Gloria.” Grace said to Gloria as she was about to leave the room, "Gloria, thank you so much.” And then, she lowered her head quickly.


Gloria was confused. Did she mistake it that Grace blushed?


Grace blushed?


But why did she blush? What Gloria had done was no trouble at all.


She was such a humble and frightened person that she blushed and thanked nervously for this little thing.


What did Mr. Shaw do to this silly woman!


Gloria answered vaguely. She didn’t dare to look at this stupid woman anymore. This woman's inferiority seemed to be brought from the bottom of her heart. The more humble Grace was, the more afraid Gloria was to look at her.


She should be a great person, not like this.


After a while, Gloria came back, "Follow me."