I've Been There Before

Chapter 23 Caden Kissed Her


"No!" Grace responded in a hurry, “I didn’t hide from you, Mr. Shaw!"




She was hiding from him!




"What's the matter with your voice?" How hoarse was her voice!


"I have a sore throat.” Grace lowered her eyes and refused to say more.


“Are you afraid of me?"


Grace's eyelids twitched, but she didn't refute.


Caden who was standing beside her bed raised his eyebrows slowly and felt even unhappier.


Suddenly, he leaned forward. Grace saw in a horrified trance as he propped an arm on the mattress beside her, and suddenly narrowed the distance between them.


His other hand reached out to Grace; and when she subconsciously shrunk backwards, Caden said in a calm voice, "Don't move."


Seeing that Grace sat motionless obediently, Caden pushed her bangs aside and ran his fingers on the scar on her forehead. Grace was already not well; it was really hard for her to ignore Caden’s cold finger touching her.


Caden stroked the scar softly with his fingers, pursed his lips, and asked unhappily, "How did you get this scar?”


Grace looked up at Caden in front of her... Hypocritical bastard!


How did she get it? As if he didn’t know about it!


She replied stiffly, "Got hurt." Thanks to you! She added in her heart.