It Was You

Chapter 914 A Good Show Begins

In a twinkling of an eye, it was the day to shoot the Phantom City. Cassandra, Johnny and the others had arrived at the studio early in the morning. Most of the guests at the same time were successful seniors in the business circle. Only Cassandra and Denny were a little different from each other.

Although Denny had been in the entertainment industry for 10 years, he had been unknown in the past 10 years. He hadn't even had a endorsement. Now, he had become famous overnight and received a lot of advertising notices. His fame had been rising day by day. It could be said that he would be famous in the future.

Cassandra had just started her career, but she became famous with her exquisite acting skill in the God of War. Although she didn't take many detours, she walked out step by step. Her acting skill and outlook were impeccable. The combination of these two people was a great selling point.

Before the formal recording of the show, the official microblog of the Phantom City had already released several parts of the same film. As soon as the Rebirth created by Cassandra and Denny was released on the official microblog, in just a few minutes, the audience and repost volume broke through 100 thousand, and it was quickly on the top search list. It was established as a national CP by its fans, and it ranked the top of the list of the hot searches and super words.

There were even fans who produced at the same time, clip related videos, and all kinds of advertising bars. The heat was so hot that it even caused the microblog system to be paralyzed. The programmers had no choice but to release the data picture to comment.

In the studio.

In one of the recording rooms, Cassandra and Denny were recording the scene. Different from shooting, this kind of scene recording not only tested the on-the-spot ability, but also the foundation of the lines. There were also some parts that could be played on the spot, as long as they were compatible with the plot, they would be recognized by the audience.

Although Denny had signed up for the Ring Entertainment Industry, it was the first time for Cassandra to cooperate with him. The two of them had a good performance in their lines and performance on the spot. Before going on the stage, the two of them rehearsed at the backstage, and many staff of the shooting team were watching around.

"Well... Could you please sign for me?" A staff member turned into a crazy fan in an instant, holding a notebook excitedly and nervously.

Cassandra chuckled, took the small notebook and signed her name on it. When she returned the small notebook to the girl, the girl thanked her excitedly and left at the same time, murmuring, "Damn it! I really get the real one!"

Cassandra was

Denny was speechless too.

eyebrows and said, "We are the third scene. We can take

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and he repeated what she had just called silently in his mind. His ears

of scenes in private, their hearts were somewhat nervous for no reason. The back of Denny was tight, and his palms were covered with a layer of sweat, for fear of taking a wrong step, or saying a

to be set on fire, but he miraculously calmed down after a series of thoughts

looked at Cassandra, "Cassandra, Denny, it's

or persuading people, or even talking little. But Cassandra was

a good job in rehearsal. Besides, the script is not fixed. Even if you forget the words, you can play it on the

joked. Then she and Denny went

afraid of divulging the recording content, audiences were not allowed to bring their mobile phones in. However, there were a lot of reinforcements. As soon as the two of them appeared on the complicated

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I do? I want to marry her!

her so much?! Ahhh! Look at

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