It Was You

Chapter 913 I Support You

A few minutes later.

Bettina trotted to the meeting room with the evidence bag she just took. As soon as she entered, she put the bag in front of Arthur carefully as if she was holding some treasure.

"Sir, here's the thing. I'm leaving now." Bettina instinctively glanced at Martin and others. It was rare that her EQ was online, so she took the initiative to ask for a leave.

Arthur picked up the evidence bag and said, "Go and check that who has ever touched this evidence after Eugene's death. None of them can be left behind."

Bettina's heart skipped a beat and her pupils shrank. "Sir, you mean..."

Arthur shook his hand and said, "I don't mean anything else. Just do as I say."

Bettina nodded and left the meeting room.

Arthur looked carefully at the key in the evidence bag and said with a particularly heavy expression, "There seems to be no key to open the locker here."

Generally speaking, the key to open the cabinet was relatively small, because the general cabinet would not be too big. With the progress of technology, there was no key at all. There was only a random two-dimensional code.

"I've used the cabinets of the Skyriver Building," Cassandra suddenly said in a slightly hoarse voice. "The 18 floor cabinets are only for members. In order to show their difference, these cabinets are only made with a small golden key. They don't even keep a copy for the caretaker. Once they are forcefully opened, they will immediately call the police."

But there was no such a small key in this pile of keys. In other words, someone took the key from Eugene faster than them.

But they didn't know who it could be.

After Eugene was hit to death, no other people had touched the corpse, which meant that Arthur's guess was right. There was a person over there between them.

and said, "Mr. Martin, can you think of another way to open the locker

open the locker, even if this method might not be in

down at the phone and shook his head, "It's too late. The thing in it has been taken away. I can

the mobile phone, there was a photo that Martin had just received. In the photo, there was only a tall black shadow, whose whole body was tightly wrapped,

clue of Eugene

and his anger was almost burning two balls of flames in his dark eyes. He

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corner of her eye, and her pupils shrank sharply. In a flash, a name popped out

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particularly heavy. She was a leftover woman who usually cared about the extra one forehead wrinkle, but at this

found this when I checked the key just now..." Bettina connected the computer to the large screen of the meeting room, and then released a photo, in which a man in a uniform with a big cap and a pair of dark glasses on the bridge of his nose, said, "It's him. I've checked, and the number of this suit is our warden. Coincidentally, this warden has something to deal with at home, so he asked for a leave

Eugene? What are you doing? How could such an important thing be taken away on the spot?! Go and check it for me right now. Even if you

they made mistakes occasionally, Arthur always wore a smile on his face. It was the first time for Bettina

said, "Yes,

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to look into it. As long as this person is still in the capital city, I will

this, Arthur breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank

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