Invincible Heir

Chapter 51 He Is Too Cruel

There is a popular saying that the higher they are, the harder they fall, just like Rosie.

“Rosie is so arrogant that I really don’t like her. I never thought that she did something illegal!”

“This is unbelievable. She took bribes! An employee like her is a disgrace to our company.”

“Oh, come on. I don't want to go to her dinner party at all!”

After Rosie was picked up by police, her “friends” said a lot of terrible things about her.

It didn't take too long before the news about Tracy’s promotion had spread all over Cona. When the news reached the Perry family, they were shocked!

Not too long ago, a mysterious figure hosted all big-name people in Cona at Starry Garden Hotel and called for cooperation with Samho Group. It was the night that led Samho to a greater prosperity. And now Tracy was the manager, Samho would grow stronger under her leadership.

The news caused discussion among the Perry family.

“Son of a bitch! How is that possible? She becomes the manager?”

“I bet she won the position by her beauty more than ability.”

“I suddenly understood what made her so cocky in Perry Group the other day!”

The members of the Perry family sat together in Perry Courtyard, waiting for Henry.

arm was still in a sling. He sat there in silence, staring at

present and said,

They all nodded.

what do you think about it?”

broke away from the Perry family, our family’s employees were all kicked

“Go on!” Henry nodded.

amount of time. Let’s guess the reason. By ability or by beauty? I think the

in Samho, she got bullied by Rosie, the head of the business department.

behalf of the Brone company, Camel brought a contract to us. But amazingly enough, he withdrew the cooperation only because it was me, not Tracy, to take over the work! Right? It's so weird. So, I'm guessing that someone important of Brone Group fell hopelessly in love with Tracy, but she rebuffed his advances. The guy was so impatient with her arrogance that he withdrew the cooperation and took away Samho. But about a month ago, Brone said they would cooperate actively with Samho. Why? So, having said all of that, I

acknowledged that Phillip had made some

Until one day, she finally couldn’t take it anymore, so she threw herself at that guy! That is why she

hearing this, others chorused Phillip’s agreement. Immediately the whole Perry

Henry tapped on the table. “Anyway, Tracy was a member of the Perry family. And now she is

out of the Perry family! But now he admitted Tracy was a member of the Perry family only because

Samho,” Henry commanded. (Edit: I used to use Perry Courtyard for both where Tracy lived and where the rest of the Perry family lived, but it's a mistake since Tracy was kicked out of the family already and she moved somewhere else and thus from now on I will call the place where Tracy lived as the Perry Manor.

surprise. “Granddad, I think I might not be a

love her. We can't afford to offend them. Especially, I kicked her out only for the sake of you! So, it has to be you. This

meaning of Henry’s words. His granddad planned to send him to apology instead of negotiating. He was

Tracy such a hard time while she came to Perry Group, and therefore his arm was broken by

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