Instant Millionaire

Chapter 77: Something Happened to Hannah

Just as Abby walked out of the practice room, Jane pounced on Quincy and hugged him tightly.

Jane sobbed at first, and then she couldn't help but cry sadly.

Jane felt extremely lonely when she was beaten by Jemma and the others just now. Now, in Quincy's embrace, she felt warmth.

"Why did they insult my mom? I grew up with my mom. I know how hard her life is. She works in the fields every day. When I got sick, she got up before dawn and went to the mountains to pick herbs for me. She never tells me how tired she is. I don't care if they scold me or beat me. Why did they curse my mom...?" Jane couldn't control her emotions when she thought of Jemma calling her mother a bitch. Her voice became hoarse. She even stamped her feet and trembled with anger.

It looked like she would collapse at any moment.

"Okay, Jane, calm down. Calm down. Relax...." Seeing Jane behave like this, Quincy became even more worried. He hated those people who hurt Jane. He gently patted Jane's back so that she could calm down as soon as possible. If Jane continued like this, she might fall sick from anger.

"Don't worry. I will make everyone who hurts you pay the price....I will always be with you and protect you from being hurt....Are you feeling better?" Because of Quincy's comfort, Jane finally calmed down.

"Who hit you? Tell me, I'll take revenge on them." Quincy gently wiped Jane's tears and asked gently. There was a trace of ruthlessness in his eyes.

"Three of my teammates" Jane whispered. She was no longer as excited as before. "Forget it. If they touch me again, you can take action."

Jane didn't want their relationship to turn sour. After all, they were a team.

"Jane, you...." Quincy only wanted to give those people a hard beating.

Jane looked at Quincy and said softly, "Listen to me. I will make things clear for them this time. If they attack me again, I will ask you to beat them."

Quincy frowned as he looked at Jane. Although didn't want to say yes, he could only listen to Jane.

"Can you go to Nepenthe Guesthouse to see my mother with me?" Jane begged sincerely. Right now, the one she wanted to see the most was her mother. Only when Jane saw her mother would she feel at ease, even if she would just sit quietly beside her mother.

"Alright." Quincy felt sorry for Jane. He had a deeper understanding of Jane. Quincy pulled Jane up and said, "At least wash up before going to see your mom."

Quincy smiled and lightly touched Jane's face. Jane smiled faintly.

Jane took a quick wash in the bathroom of the company and left it. Quincy held Jane's hand and walked outside the company.

It was past 9 o'clock in the night, and the surrounding lights were bright. Pedestrians were in groups, taking a walk under the trees on both sides of the road to enjoy the cool.

Just as Quincy and Jane walked down the stairs of Gem Music Inc building, Quincy's phone rang. It was from Fred. Quincy frowned slightly, thinking that Fred was going to invite him to some banquet.

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