Infatuated with my Ex-wife

Chapter 10 You Are Really Disgusting

Irene drank too much and fell into a hazy sleep. Her dream was also chaotic and shattered.

From her love at first sight for Edward, to the confrontation between the two after they got married, and... the warm embrace when he rescued her while she was trapped in the basement a few days ago.

"Irene!" Suddenly, someone shouted her name. Irene's eyelashes trembled. She could not tell whether it was a dream or reality.

"Irene, open the door!" This voice became even clearer.

She opened her eyes suddenly, sat up in a daze, and pressed down her head which hurt a little. Then she looked at the door in confusion.

The knocking on the door and the yelling of Edward were still ringing. There was an unconcealable anger in the loud sound.

Irene suddenly awoke, and suddenly became completely deprived of alcohol.

He came to me... What did he want to do? Why was he so angry? Had the video of Celine's self-directed show been revealed?

"Do you hear me? Open the door right now!" Edward's voice became more and more furious.

Irene knew that if she didn't open the door, the man would kick the door and come in. She had to go over quickly and open the door.

"How did you..." The following words were scared back by the man's cold and horrible eyes.

She couldn't help but take a step back and her body felt cold.

"Irene, you are really had good means." he grabbed the document tightly in his hand and threw it on the ground. The pages of the document scattered everywhere. "Grandma's no-divorce agreement. You even used this trick. I really underestimated your scheming!"

"What agreement?" Irene did not understand what he meant at all. She looked down at the documents on the floor, and the important parts were all equipped with bold standards.   

The sentence 'Edward and Irene cannot divorce, otherwise,  Edward will have to give up the right to inherit his family's property' clearly came into Irene's view. Her heart jolted and suddenly understood why he was so angry now.

"Edward." She swallowed hard and said with a calm and sincere expression, "I don't know about this document, nor did I go to grandma's..."