In My Desperate Time

Chapter 6 Women need to be nourished


I smile bitterly and sit down at the gate of the company.


“Mom, did Susan Felton tell you this?”


“You can't blame others judging you because of what you did! How could I have a daughter like you? What a shame! You go to the police station and explain right now. Then I will take you to Andrew Malan’s house begging for his forgiveness. Anyway, what would you do if you lost Andrew Malan such a good man!”


I don't want to explain to my mom how disgusting this good man in her eyes is. It is useless to explain this to a woman who has devoted her whole life for men.


“I have already said that I want to divorce. No matter what you say, I will divorce anyway.”


I hang up the phone and take a taxi to my best friend Mindy Sue's house. She is my best friend in college.


I knock at the door for a while. Mindy Sue comes out wearing a silky slip dress with blurred eyes and flushed face. Have her boyfriend David Gibbs come back from the business trip?