In My Desperate Time

Chapter 2 I must find a man

I know Andrew Malan is a brutal monster, but I never expect him would be so frenzied and lunatic. How could I give my first time to a cucumber!

He presses me on the bed, takes off my underpants and holds that cucumber to strike the hole.

I am so scared to cry, and my head becomes dizzy because of the medicine. But I know that I have to keep awake now. I pinch my thigh and wake up a little bit.

If Andrew Malan is a pervert, then don't blame me!

I lift up my feet and kick at Andrew Malan’s dick so hard. He frowns and crouches down, looking at me with a twisted face.

Right then, I quickly pick up my purse beside the bed and rush out through the door.

Susan Felton is sitting on the couch, eating a plate of snacks while watching TV. She doesn't expect me to come out and there is embarrassment flashing through her face .

Of course, she should be embarrassed, I buy all those snacks! I am confused why my snacks always disappear. I ask Susan Felton many times but she never admits. Today I catch her right here right now.

All I want to do now is to escape from Andrew Malan’s claws. I don't even want to argue with Susan Felton. I cross her to the door.

“Where are you going at late night? Want to seduce someone?”