In My Desperate Time

Chapter 11 Divorce


I know who did this!


Nobody would do a crazy thing like this except Andrew Malan!


He already knows my address. If I continue to stay here. I don't know what else crazy things he can do.


But I just paid the rent for half a year. There is already no much money left, why does he keep persecuting me!


I open the door with trembling hands, being afraid that Andrew Malan would appear here. But fortunately, no one inside.


I relieve. Then I call the lawyer to find out how the divorce is going.


The lawyer only says that it is okay. But I don’t know what that means.


Unexpectedly, next day the lawyer comes to my apartment and says that I can mediate now.


Unless there is no other way, it is better to meditate personally for a divorce case.


Seeing Andrew Malan again, He is thinner than before. Of course it is not because of me.


He looks at me and sneers. Susan Felton stands beside him.