In My Desperate Time

Chapter 9 Make a chance

I kick him really hard. I hear my foot cracks. A dull pain in the joint.

Andrew Malan squats down. He covers his cock rolling on the ground.

Susan Felton sees her precious being so pain. She cares nothing and directly takes off his pants to check.

It's blinding me!

I give a shudder in the gross.

I run out while they two checking the injury condition.

Now I can't think about neither my mother nor my family. Andrew Malan and his mother are perverts. They can do any unscrupulous things for their benefits. If I don’t go, god know what horrible things would happen to me.

Coming out from Andrew Malan’s house, I dare not go to Mindy Sue’s home.

My mother can find me there once, she definitely can go there next time. If she come with Andrew Malan and Susan Felton together, I am afraid that I would get Mindy Sue into trouble.

I go to the hotel and ask Mindy Sue to bring my luggage secretly. Then I begin to look for an apartment and job online.

I don't have much money so I couldn't afford me hanging around too long. I must find ways to make money as soon as possible, otherwise I would starve to death.