In My Desperate Time

Chapter 7 What did I do wrong

Isn't he the man from last night? But his car seems different from yesterday. Rich men are extravagant.

He glances at me. No changes on his expression. He looks like he doesn't know me at all.

Maybe he really doesn't remember my face. Or, this beast in human attire need to fake in front of people. No matter what, lost night is an accident. The best result is we going separately and no intersection anymore.

My mother is not a dumb. This man is rich just from his appearance. So she lies on the ground and groans.

“My head is bumped. My ribs hurt. Ouch! And my legs... How much money would it take to go to hospital! We old people just buy some medicine to eat.”

Obviously, my mother wants to blackmail. I stand aside awkwardly and don't know what to do. I pull my mom and hint her just go. But she is determined to blackmail this man. She won't move no matter how hard I pull her.

I say nothing and don't dare to. One reason is because I feel shamed, and the other is that I am afraid that this man would recognize me.

“I will be fully responsible for your inspection fee in the hospital. If there is really anything happened, then I definitely would take the responsibility. But if there isn't, I will sue you blackmail.” The man’s voice is cold and deep. He shocks my mom just in two words or three.

“Honey, let's go! Don't we have to go to the police station?” My mother gets up off the ground and runs towards the car quickly.

I nod to the man and apologize. Then I follow her back.

I don't know if it is my illusion, I always feel that there is a pair of fiery eyes looking at me. I get on the car and look out, that man have driven away.

When we arrive at the police station, my mother explains to the policemen that Andrew Malan just wants to take me home and he hurts me