When West and I arrived at the photo shoot, the scene changed from fun time to the time to get in a serious mood. We walked into the photo shoot on time, and I was immediately taken to hair and makeup. My wig, glasses, and fake nose were all taken off by my stylist. My blond hair was quickly straightened and then left with a messy look. The man in charge of my outfits quickly handed me the new Perfect Shape bra by Victoria's Secret and a matching pair of panties before directing me to the changing room.
I changed out of my baggy clothes and into the red and blue bra set. I immediately loved the way it looked on me. I stepped out of the dressing room and my hair stylist, Jennifer, gushed at the look.
"You look fabulous!" Jennifer said as she pulled at pieces of my hair a bit, trying to keep the messy look.
"Thanks! Isn't this bra adorable? The world is going to buy this up," I said.
"At least you get to keep it," Jennifer said, pouting.
"They'll be out on the market soon enough," I said.
"Good point. On the bright side, we get first dibs," Jennifer said, finally removing her hands from my hair.
"Lucky, you're in room A today for the photo shoot, so hurry. We have to get started if you don't want to get home late," Caitlin, the photographer ordered.
Once I reached room A, I noticed the walls were completely white and there was furniture in the room.
"You ready to get started?" she asked.
"More ready now than ever," I said and Mary sent me a thumbs up from the back of the room.
"Okay, great! Now, for this first one, I want you to go for the sexy look. I mean, this is lingerie after all," she said with a comfortable smile.