There were many opportunities given to a person in life. When going to school you’re given the opportunity to work hard and be anything you wanted to be in the world. A high-class surgeon, a well-known movie director, the lawyer everyone wanted to be, or if you were me then you chose, a modeling career. I guess you could say it’s not the best thing in the world for a normal person. You really couldn’t even make that good of an income, but if you’re like me, Clover Thompson, then you’ve been modeling for a while and make more than your average model.

My mother wasn’t my biggest fan, but she was the one who started me up in the modeling business when I was two years old.

Yes, in case you were wondering, you can find pictures of me today in your Babies R Us catalog.

Now, I know I’m being a little nonchalant about this whole model business thing, but it’s because I’ve done this whole thing for sixteen years which is why it didn’t take long for me to become Victoria Secret’s number one angel.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I jumped in my chair as my rather annoying alarm went off for the billionth time. Yeah, I’m not what you would call a morning person. I set at the least, ten alarms a morning because I have a bad habit of sleeping through them like a ground hog sleeps through winter.

Nah,I don’t think I’m that bad.

Beep. Beep.Beep.

Okay, maybe I’m just a little bad.

But in my defense, I’m technically still a teenager. We like our sleep, but today was one of my better days. It’s two months into school so at this point I’m use to the five thirty wake up call.

I turned off the rest of my alarms for the morning and continued with my usual morning routine. I made sure my fake nose piece was perfectly on my face before I started french braiding my blonde, slightly shower-wet hair to the back. Once the two braids were done I twisted them together and pinned then up into a bun, a special trick my stylist taught me a few years ago. I put on a new wig cap, slightly wincing at the tightness of it since it’s never been worn. After a minute of getting use to the feeling, I added on a long brown messy wig.

I guess I should explain a bit, my life as a model wasn’t your most typical lifestyle you’d hear about. One of the perks of being the number one Victoria Secret Model is that everyone would kill to have you model for them as well as pay you quite a bit for just one photo shoot. One of the downsides, your life isn’t exactly normal. I was one of the ones who got followed from time to time. The paparazzi thoroughly enjoyed trying to find some story that could ruin my perfect image.

Let me tell you, though, they never succeeded.

Why? Well, simply because they didn’t see me outside of my model life. In school, I’m known as Clover Thompson, my legal name. Although to the outside world, I’m known as Lucky, the number one Victoria Secret model. It was an easy thing really since the world didn’t know me by anything else besides that name, Lucky. Now, how the whole thing works? Outside of school, I dress normally and go on with my life as I usually do. In school, I dress down and change my appearance completely, hence the fake nose.

I know it’s a strange thing, going undercover in high school. Who would want to go to school? Well, when you lived your life with private tutors it kind of sucks, that’s why I decided to start the model undercover in high school thing as soon as I was old enough to attend. It probably all seemed like a lonely life, but I had my best friend, Tori with me along the way. She was just like me, a model that attended high school, but since she’s a new model to Victoria Secret, she didn’t get much recognition in school.

I glanced at the clock and knew it was time to start picking up the pace a bit. I stood up from my chair in front of my vanity mirror and went over to where my closet was located. I opened the white doors and stepped into the humongous closet filled with tons of outfits. I walked into the back of the closet where my school clothes were located and slipped on a plain, olive colored t-shirt over my embroidered, black balconet bra and then a warm, oversized hoodie. I then slid on a pair of blue, flare jeans that slid up perfectly, completely covering my black lace panties before I slid on a pair of ankle socks and some converse to finish off my outfit.


I glanced at my IPhone that laid at my vanity, plugged into the charger. I slid my finger across the phone, quickly putting in the passcode and easily unlocking it before going to the messages.

‘Hey, babe. I’m coming up.’ Tori texted and I smiled. Tori was the only one who I trusted everything with, from my secret to the key to my house. She was one of those friends you could trust your life with if it came down to a life or death situation.

Her and I often took turns driving to school every day. The car I would usually use for school is an old, beige colored cavalier, but the one I preferred to use outside of school is my black Audi R8 coupe. In other words, my life. That car is the one I couldn’t live without.

Tori lightly tapped on the door before coming in.“Hey, you almost ready?” She asked, handing me my usual drink from Starbucks, a caramel espresso granita. Another name for it, heaven in a cup.

“Yeah, I just need to find where I put my glasses yesterday,” I said and I moved my makeup around on my dresser and opening drawers as I tried to find the square frames.