I leaned my head on my hand, trying to listen to everything my science teacher, Mr. Reagan was saying.

"Can you focus on anything he's saying?" Tori whispered and I shook my head, glancing to make sure he wasn't paying attention to us talking.

"I just want to go home and pack right now," I whispered back and she nodded eagerly.

Mr. Reagan cleared his throat loudly and gave us both a pointed look. I shrunk back in my seat awkwardly and mumbled an apology. I wasn't one to get yelled at by teachers often, but my science teacher was an exception. Since this was the only class I've had with Tori, we tended to get in trouble a lot; whether it's whispering to each other or texting back and forth. Heck, he gets mad just for us glancing at each other.

"Okay, I have your list of partners for this month's project right here. It's Miranda and Alex, Tori and Clover, Stacey and Hailey, Andrew and Michael, and oh, wait, this is the seating chart. Hold on one second." I frowned looking at  close." She muttered and I frowned, nodding in agreement.

"I know."

"Ah, here it is. Okay, Stacey and Alex, Tori and Michael, Andrew and Miranda, Clover and Eric..." He continued with the list but I tuned out once I heard who I was partnered with.

"Hey, at least your partnered with someone smart," Tori whispered to me before looking over at her partner with disgust who sat across the room next to Andrew.

"Any questions?" Mr. Reagan asked, finishing the list and hanging it on the chalkboard with a magnet.

I looked around and noticed my partner wasn't here so I raised my hand."Yeah, my partner isn't here." I said awkwardly.

"Huh, well we're starting this today, so you can be with Andrew since his partner isn't here either. I'll just switch those around and pair those two together instead." He said making my eyes go wide.

"No, it's okay. Really it's no problem. I can wait till he comes back." I insisted but he waved me off. Partners are officially settled now. Get with each other and look at the sheet from earlier to pick your topic.

Everyone hesitantly moved over to their partners, but I decided not to move and waited for the obnoxious bad boy to move by me."Slut." Stacey muttered walking past me as she moved over by her partner, Alex.

I look back at Andrew who was sitting in his chair with his head back and eyes closed.

Yeah, he was sleeping.

I huffed loudly and pick up my books from my desk, walking over to him. I kicked the chair leg hard, enough to make it at least shake a little. "Hey, sleeping beauty. Wake up." I snapped but he didn't budge. I lightly patted his cheeks but cringed when drool lighly dribbled down the side of chin.


"Ew," I mumbled before shaking his shoulder. "Andrew!" I said louder causing him to jump up in surprise.

"What? What happened? Is class over?" He asked rubbing his hand up his face and into his messy hair after realizing there was no dire emergency.

"We're partners," I said sitting in the seat next to him.

"What class are we even in?" He asked confused making me look up at the ceiling, silently praying this is just a dream and I really wasn't stuck with this completely incompetent idiot.

"Clover, Andrew, do you have your topic?" Mr. Reagan asked and I cringed, quickly skimming the sheet for a topic.

"Yeah, we're going to do the food one," Andrew said confidently making my eyes snap to him.

"We're what?" I questioned with narrowed eyes. I don't remember agreeing on this.

"Very well." He said walking away to the next group.

I stared at Andrew with confusion and he only looked back at me with a challenging look. "What's wrong? Surprised I actually knew what we were doing?" He asked harshly making me frown.

"So you weren't sleeping before?" I asked and he only shook his head.

"Clearly not." He said looking down at his paper."So we're doing the topic, 'Can food affect your mood?' It's an easy A and we get to eat." He added on, his tone less harsh then before.