His Ex Wife

Chapter 6: A Friend from the Past

Kia's Pov

8 missed called from 'private number'

8 missed calls?! I gasped when i saw that, not only because i wasn't used to receiving missed calls from private numbers but also because i feared it was Scott or worse, it could be Aana...I slumped into my bed with despair, why had i told him that it was me? I could keep using a secret identity, Kia's identity to get a revenge but no! I always have to screw things and worsen my situation..

My cell started ringing.

I glanced down at my phone,

'Private number calling'.

In a lapse of a few seconds, i hesitantly answered the call,


My heart was beating erratically in my chest radiating terror through my veins. I was almost certain that i would hear Scott on the other side, and no matter how much i could deny, i felt fearful but still ecstatic somewhere deep within myself about the fact that he would care to call and ask.

"Hello there," said a cheerful, but husky masculine voice in a seductive British accent.

Peculiarly enough, a wave of relief mixed with disappointment washed over me. Deciding not to show it, i continued, "yes?"

The man chuckled on the other side before speaking, "I'm Eric Shining speaking from Shining Inc....and i need to meet you Kia, so will you meet me?" he seemed to ask hopefully and respectfully.

But the word 'Shining' had clearly deviated my attention, he was from Scott's rival company, it made my heart stop for a second.

"So?" he asked with hope, bringing me out of my regular zone outs.

"Sure," I said without thinking and regretted the words as soon as they were out of my mouth.

His mouth seemed to twitch into a cynical smile as he spoke again, "I'll be there to fetch you, be ready by seven...see you soon...Yvonne." He freaking knew who i was! This left a startled look on my face and soon the line went dead. Only then did i realise what a big fool i was, I agreed to meet a stranger, and more specifically not just any stranger, but someone who was dangerous, someone who seemed to know everything about me...

At seven

I opened the door and the strong masculine scent of the stranger hit my nostrils. I looked up to see a devilishly handsome man standing in front of me. I stepped back as he entered with a smirk on his lips.

"Who are you?" I asked as he sat on the couch right across from me. He looked too handsome but i deviated my attention to my fear and anxiety and added, "And most importantly, how do you know me?"