His Ex Wife

Chapter 4: Date with Ex-Husband

Scott's Pov

"Would you like to go on a date with me?" I asked her. I couldn't hold my tongue knowing very well that i was being unfaithful to Anna but this gorgeous woman standing in front of me...was just so distracting.

I was used to being the honey girls hovered over like bees but her…she just didn't seem to fit in the ordinary category of girls. What drew me more to her like a moth to a flame was her voice, that same sweet voice that concealed suppressed emotions my Yvonne had.

She spontaneously looked up, her beautiful green-blue eyes showed surprise, and as i stared at that beautiful face of hers, I realized how incredibly gorgeous she was, her amazing features were just made to define beauty. I had decided, no matter what happens, I want her!

Kia's POV

I am astounded, so so much surprised, he's gotta be kidding me! I thought. If he wasn't aware, he just got married and is on a honeymoon with Anna.

This is bad, I can sense something worse....but maybe it is a sign that he still belongs to you, my self-conscience spoke and I was even more startled to know that she is also by his side. This couldn't be happening, this wasn't supposed to be happening, not after three lengthy years of my life, if he had to come, he could come back then, but now, it just won't be me he will be with, besides who would want the old plain Yvonne back...

I didn't even know what to answer, there he was, right in front of my eyes, looking as gorgeous as ever and here was i, debating my inner-self whether what to answer...finally, it took me a few minutes to judge my answer and i replied with a "yes".