His Choice Forever

Chapter 23 Chapter 23

Two months later

Mia's P.O.V

I saw a light and two doors. One was looking spoilt and the other was a good fixed door and then a woman appeared in front of me. She was beautiful. She had beautiful Violet eyes with her olive skin and long dirty blonde hair in a beautiful white dress. She looked just like

"Mum?" I said shocked and then she smiled at me confirming that it was her that was really standing here.

"Mia." Her beautiful soft voice said.

"Mum!" I exclaimed and hugged her. Hugged her like she might go again if I leave her but then I released her little by little.

"My Mia. My beautiful daughter." She said and I hugged her once more and left her.

"Mum, you have to come back. Beth needs you. We need you mum. You have to come back". I said and didn't even know when I started crying. She put her soft hand on my face which I missed so much. I rubbed my face on her hand as she smiled at me.

"I can't come back Mia and that's why your there. To take care of Beth and you are one of the best guardians I've seen." She said and smiled at me.

"But I don't wanna leave you

Your going to be lonely mum and I don't want you to be lonely."

"But if you go now Mia, Beth won't have anyone to talk to and have and Scott needs you." She replied and I shook my head.

"Mum, Scott doesn't love me anymore. He doesn't need me anymore. He doesn't miss me mum. Scott doesn't love me anymore." I told her and she smiled again.

"Oh my Mia. Scott loves you. He loves you more than you can imagine Mia and when he finds out that your two, he's going to love you more than you can imagine." She said confusing me.

"What do you mean I'm two mum?" I asked and she shook her head.

"When its the right time, you'll know and this is where I say goodbye." She said and stood up but then I held her hand tight.

"No mum, you can't go now. No" I said as I shook my head and she continued smiling.

"Look at those two doors. Go through one of them and you'll see me again." She said and then disappears. I run to the doors and stand in between them and then I chose the crooked door and a white light shines blinding my sight.

I wake up to seeing myself in a bed. I blink my eyes to try and adjust to the light. The walls are purely white except for a poster with green trees on them and a figure on an armchair in the room covering himself with his blazer. The blazer falls off the person's face and I see the person's face which is Scott? What is he doing here? I ask myself. He opens his eyes and blinks them. He sees me awake and his eyes are wide open then I feel a wave of nausea over me as I throw up a yellow liquid and he comes over and pats my back as I continue throwing up then when done, he makes me rest my head back cause it was pounding.

if the room and comes back with a doctor and two nurses. Oh. So, I'm in the hospital? The nurses pack the vomit and rushes out and the doctor puts a hand on my

as to know why she threw up." The doctor said and I nodded my head then he took small of my blood and left the room. I was really craving for water but didn't want to talk to Scott and that's why

a glass full for me and

asked and I nodded. He went back to

did you do it Mia?" He

"Do what?" I said.


don't." Then

yourself to Emily. Why did you do

needed that job. I would do anything

in the first place? I mean, you don't even like me anymore so, I- I don't just get it." I said kind of rhetorical and so he stood up

I love you Emilia. Emilia Thompson I love you okay?" He said and connected

question Scott."

had been acting suspicious and so I decided to follow her and she led me to you" he answered then looked

said sounding broken making my heart squeeze. I felt so guilty for leaving him but it was

raped me" his head whipped up facing me, his facial expression telling me this isn't the

eyes to be sure

and I was so happy I would spend time with my daddy. He took me to the shadier parts of the town making me confused and so I turned back to ask him what we were doing here but then he was already removing his clothes and then he did it." I felt a hand grip mine to show comfort

sorry Mia. I shouldn't

want to tell you." I cut him

day I had a chance to call the police and he found out and took me there again. He was about to do it when I heard the police and I was relieved. They arrested him but before he left, he told me he was going to come back for me because I was his and he would kill anyone who tried to stand in his way and so I and my mum then moved to California where I met you and fell in love with you after we kissed on the beach but knew I was going to leave soon because before we came to the beach, I received a message telling me that he was back and he's coming for me and destroying all I loved and so I and mum had to leave. To think back about it, I feel guilty. Gosh, I'm so sorry Sco-"

you could Mia." He said as I continued crying into his shirt which he was not mad at me for wetting it. The door shut making our heads shoot up to find Beth standing by the door. We looked at each other for what seemed like years and Scott started standing to leave to give us privacy but I needed him here and so I held his hand tightly and so out of surprise and shock, he smiled and sat down. I looked back at Beth who was still staring at me, tears filled in her eyes likewise mine and so she ran up to me and hugged me which I returned. I hugged her like my life depended on it and she hugged me like if she kept me go, I would disappear. We hugged and cried for a long time before we finally let go of each other and so she smiled at me, tears escaping as she tried



"Your alive"

go then cleaned her tears. She looked between the both of us, a smirk forming on

winked at me and left the room and I looked at my hands not liking how they

you." He

doctor that just

what was wrong with Emilia that she threw up after just waking up from coma?"

she's pregnant. Congratulations Mr. Ryder." the doctor said with

what did you say?" Scott

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