His Choice Forever

Chapter 21 Chapter 21


"Don't point a gun at my sister you bitch!!" She screams and then I now hear a gunshot.

I widen my eyes and look at my stomach to see the blood dripping out. I place my hand on my tommy.

"Noooooooo!!!!! Mia. Mia" Scott screamed and I fell to the ground,the darkness coming in.

"No no no no no no. Mia,you can't do this to me right now. No.Mia!" Scott said again and I smiled at him. I never knew my life could pass away like this. I turned to my side and saw Mitchelle on the ground crying her eyes out and I felt sad. I don't want to break another of my best friend's heart. I looked up and saw taylor still in shock from what just happened but I could see the tears rolling down her cheeks. I felt so weak to comfort any them and as the darkness closed in,I welcomed it in.

Sorry,I had to change P.O.V's

Scott's P.O.V

"Mia! Mia! No! No. Mia,you can't do this to me. Mia!" I yelled and tears threathened to come out but I held them back. I won't cry. She looked up to me and smiles at me. Her beautiful smile but then the smile goes off her face and her eyes closed. I look at her. Frozen.

"Mia! Mia! Wake up! Mia!" I said and shook her but she wasn't waking up. I continue shaking her till I feel a tear drop and I let out everything. I held her in my arms as I saw the NYPD coming in. They captured Taylor, Ashley and Jasmine.

"You are under arrest for the kidnap of miss Elizabeth and the murder of miss Emilia Thompson. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law" one of the officers said. The paramedics rushed over to me.

"She still has a pulse. We need to rush her to the hospital. Fast" the man said and I nodded,wiped my tears away from my eyes and helped to carry her onto the stretcher. I wanted to enter the van but one of the men stopped me and I glared at me but then he gave me a sympathetic smile and looked over my shoulder. I followed his eyes and saw he was looking at Mitchelle standing alone and I immediately felt bad. I rushed over to her and gave her a hug and she hugged me back then retreated and I held her shoulders.

and call Blake and Eric okay?" I told her and she nodded her head and I watched as the van drove away with her in it.

she started breathing heavily then fastly. Shit. She's about to have a panic

out. In and out. In and out." I told her and demonstrated which she followed and started calming down. I carried her in bridal style and drove off to the hospital and as I entered a shortcut,I felt like I was forgetting something.........or should I say someone? Zainab. Oh my god,she couldn't be walking alone in those streets in the middle of the night. Right now,this looked like a situation of choosing between toblerone and cheetos. What? I still have my childhood memories an I loved chocolate a lot. This could've been a laughable joke if not for the situation I was in. I rushed to the hospital and dropped beth off with my

She helped me out. She was wearing black leggings and hoodie." I described her but he just continued staring at me,wide

I remembered I was the

you seen the girl?" I

mean detective Zainab?"

"Detective?" I asked.


I said

is. She actually came to New York for a two week vacation but the the police department in morroco informed her that one of the top ten drug dealers they had

the drug dealer if

my eyes bulge out of

"Ja-Jasmine Roberts?" I asked.

do you know some something?" He

had that effect on people. I started driving back to the hospital. Jasmine, a drug dealer? I still couldn't believe me. I loved her like how a little brother would. I reached the hospital and went to

Thompson's room." I said to the woman at the reception. She was wasting a lot of time and it annoyed me. This was what I hated about hospitals. They waste too

her flinch at my outburst. She fixed her glasses up and looked

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