His Choice Forever

Chapter 17 Chapter 17

This is an update but I have to make some corrections. I made a mistake. I wrote Beth was on a summer holiday but I'm writing with my phone so I accidentally pressed 'summer' and the valentine dress was a red dress. Yeah. Sorry about that. Just proofread it. That's the correction. Now on to the story.

I woke up the next morning and took a shower. Got ready for work and left my room when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Mia? Mia?" Scott said breathless. I was really angry at him for standing me up.

"What" I said my voice flat.

"Don't come to work today. Your on a break. Don't come to work." He said and I frowned. I know I should be happy but the way he said it.... It sounded like he was scared. I think something's wrong.

"Why shouldn't I come to work?" I asked.

"Don't just come." He said, his voice getting authoritative. But what's wrong?.


"Don't. Come. To. Work. Final" his voice flat and then he hung up. Well, he's not the boss of me really? You know what I mean. Still I'm going to work. I got ready for work and left. I reached the company and saw feli wasn't at the reception so I just proceeded upstairs. I reached our office and my eyes widened . The office was scattered. It was as if someone had robbed it or attacked it. Footsteps brought me back to reality. I was scared to turn back. What if its an armed robber. Oh god! I'm to young to die. And then the worst thing happened. The electricity went out making the office dark as the curtains were closed. The office looked like it was night with the curtains closed. The only light was brightening the place a little was the light coming from outside of the office. The footsteps approached closer and then I heard the door shut making me jolt up a little.

asked. It sounded familiar but I was too scared to think of

didn't reply. I could see the silhouette coming closer but I was too scared to do anything. Don't just stand here. Run!" My subconscious yelled and I obeyed it. I ran and pushed the person and reached for

a little and tears welled up in my eyes. I was too young too die. Who would take care of Beth. I never told Scott the truth about why I left.

right now. I Still have my little sister to take care off. I've never had the experience of having a

then I realized who's voice

I turned to confirm who the person who scared the shit out of me

doing here? I told you not to come to the office." He

you are huh? How dare you just scare me to

to stay at home for fuck sake Emilia but as always, you

want me to stay back home huh? Why?!!"

danger!!!" He yells loudly making

my voice coming out tiny and

Mia. It's not safe for you to

I checked, you just had sex with me and leaving me a note that says you hate me so tell me one freaking good reason that I

I care ab-" Now he'd done it. I was really angry right

You care?" I let out a bitter laugh and

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