His Choice Forever

Chapter 15 Chapter 15

Five years later

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Beth angry screamed making me leave what I was doing and rushed to her her room.

"What happened? Its okay. Calm down. What's wrong?" I asked.

"Mike malz just followed me on Instagram" she said and scowls making me raise an eyebrow and then she shook her head and sighs.

"You know we were bff's when I was little even after what happened but during middle school, everything changed. We stopped hanging out and now we're in high school, he doesn't even acknowledge me again so now, I hate him and now, he followed me on Instagram!!!" She says in one breath and starts panting. I bring her inhaler and she uses it to calm down.

"Well, you know you could just block him right now." I told her and her face lit up but then it turned to a frown.

"What now?"

"I can't block him"

"Why?" I say and sigh.

"Because, I need followers." She says and I roll my eyes at her. Kids these days. Yeah, like you weren't worse than this. Beth was a teenager now and was on the summer holidays resuming the next semester as a senior and I was still working in Ryder enterprises even after what happened. I guess it was his revenge. I haven't seen or talked to Taylor for the past few years and the last time we spoke to each other, we almost got admitted to the hospital. Yeah, it was a pretty good fight. Michelle was still angry at me for what happened but then I cried my eyes out and apologized to her and she forgave me. I haven't talked to Scott. It was the normal nodding of head and orders of assignment. Yeah, that was it. Nothing else. I talked to Alec again after the year of what happened between I and Scott. I told him and Leah everything about what happened that year and Leah was in tears when I finished telling them what had happened.




I took a shower and got ready for work.

"Beth, make sure to always be with your inhaler and do not open the door for strangers okay?" I told her which made her roll her eyes.

have been more protective of her since the threat from Ashley but after all these years, she hasn't caused any harm in fact, I heard she moved to California. I was really happy when I

Feli" I greeted

left to my office. I reached

by him. He made me hate him but still love him at the same time. I regret it.

you hear any word I just said?" Scott

did you say?" I asked

be any work on Friday as

it with. You have Beth. Yes, I have Beth but you know.... I was happy because I had a secret admirer. He always Sends me gifts every valentine and

anything for valentine?" Scott said bringing me out of my

I don't think so." I said

nervously scratching the back of his neck and I

and left to Michelle's house. I was going to help her plan a surprise birthday party for Eric and also hope he also could forgive me. Yup, your right. He hasn't forgiven me. None of the group hasn't except Michelle. I knocked on

aunty Mia" he greeted with a heartwarming smile and

Is your

come in. I saw Michelle coming down

Mia, how you doing? Get over here girl. Its

Michelle what's up?" I said and she

and insulted him for like an hour on the phone. I was going to tell how about the

to be the you know,

a private stuff if you know what I mean" she

you with?" I asked and

hugged her. I was feeling bad because it has actually been long since we hung out. I had always been working


She says and I give her

"Spill" she adds.

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