His Choice Forever

Chapter 14 Chapter 14

Today I was going to go to work as my real self. Emilia Thompson. The girl with the blonde hair and violet eyes. That girl. I told myself I wasn't going to allow anything break me down even Scott. I was going to ask the gang for their forgiveness. I put on a black skirt and a blue peplum shirt with black flats. I tied my hair in a neat bun and put on some makeup but not too much. I got Beth ready for school. She told me she wasn't going to forgive Mike for what he did but I told her it wasn't his fault and I don't know if she was convinced. I just hope they could continue being friends. I hailed a cab and dropped her in school then left for work. I reached the building and entered inside. It was now a new person at the reception desk. I left to there. She gave me a smile.

"Hi, good morning. What can I do for you this morning?" She said and I smiled at her. I was about to answer her until a voice interrupted me.

"She's my personal assistant Felicity. Her name is Emilia Thompson." Scott said. I turned to look at him and he was looking hot as always.

"What are you staring at miss Emilia?" He said, his voice flat.

"What? Sorry, nothing" I said.

"Good. Now, let's go up. We have a busy day ahead." He ordered. I looked at Felicity one last time and she gave me a reassuring smile which I also gave back. I proceeded upstairs and we entered 'his' elevator. The tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. The ding brought me out of my thoughts. We went to his office and he opened it. Still as the same as the last time I saw it.

"That's your office miss Emilia" he pointed to a room at the corner. The desk had some files already on it and beside it was a pencil sharpener and some pencils with some pen and a LAPTOP!!! My eyes widened.

"Uh sir, there's a laptop on my table and I don't know who owns it" I told him.

"Yeah, that's yours. When I broke your laptop the other day so...I got you a new one." He explained and I was stunned. I didn't know he remembered.

"Oh...uhm, thank you" I appreciated and he nodded. I started working on the files he gave him. It was already two pm so I thought I should leave because Beth closes by two thirty. I went to take permission from him to leave but it turned out he wasn't there. I decided to leave. I went downstairs and told Felicity that I was leaving because I had to pick Beth and she said it was okay. I picked Beth up and we went home.

was school?" I

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she says and continue crying. I hugged her and kept

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don't know how I'll be around him now. What do I do Mia?" She

you baby. What your heart tells you" I say through her

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"Mia-Emilia?" Scott asks breathless.

"Yes?" I say.


I am. What's wrong?"


I ask again and then....he cuts off the damn call. Rude man. Hmph. I stayed in the living room to watch a movie when I heard a

is it?"

this time. I rushed and opened the door and I was

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