His Choice Forever

Chapter 12 Chapter 12

After the threat from Ashley, I became overprotective of Beth. Now she was asthmatic, I had made her keep her inhaler with her at all times. I couldn't tell Scott anything. Scott told me that we were going to be having a dinner party for a deal with a company and so he wants me to be his date and of course I accepted. The party was tomorrow evening because today was Saturday. I told Scott I won't keep Beth with Ashley again but he pleaded and I fell into his trap. Its as if he has a charm on me. I called up Taylor because I needed a gown.

"Tay, could you come to my apartment? I have to get a dress for the party." I informed her.

"Sure, but you have to wear your wig and other disguise stuffs" she said.

"Yeah, I know" I cut off the call and waited for her. Ten minutes later, she came and we left to the mall with Beth. I tried on many gown but it didn't seem right. The salesgirl gave me another gown and I tried it on. I loved it. It was perfect. It was a mermaid black dress that swept the floor with a sweetheart neckline and laced at the chest area. It was really beautiful. It hugged my body perfectly and comfortably.

"And that is our dress" Taylor said and squealed. We paid for the dress and left. Taylor went home and I also. It was already getting late so I made dinner for I and Beth. We ate and slept off.




It was time for the party and I was getting ready. I curled my hair and put on some foundation and a smoky eye shadow with some eyeliner, some mascara and a dashing dark purple lipstick. I put on my gown and stared at the mirror. I looked like a different person. I smirked at the thought of blowing Scott's mind away. A horn honked and I checked through the window to confirm if it was Scott and it was.

"Beth, its time to go." I called her out and she came out.

"Did you take your inhaler with you?" I asked her. She nodded at head and she seemed a little bit down.

"Are you dropping me off at aunt Ashley's again?" She asked.

"Yes baby, but don't worry. I'll be back very soon okay?" I told her and she nodded again.

"Are you okay baby? Did aunty Ashley do anything to you the other day?" I asked her.

I don't need his ego as big as Europe. He looked

"Hey" he greeted.

"Hey" I greeted back.

look beautiful tonight." He whispered in my ear making me turn

nice too."

don't have to hide it. I can see it in your eyes. Your looking at me like if you could just just take me right now, you would. I

and then knocked on her door. It opened and I wanted to see and also praying that it was a dream that she wasn't dressing up properly but

Come in" she said. we came in and I realized Taylor and Blake weren't here yet which meant we had to wait for

me and wanted to scowl. I just wanted to lash out on her right now because I was really angry. She thought I didn't know what she did to Beth and mike. she's worse than I thought and I was also angry at

in Scott's

at me giving me that 'be nice' look but instead of behaving, I glared

the best childhood ever. Beth's a good girl. She be-" now, she'd done it. I slapped her across the face and

gotten into you?" Scott came and tried

kid for Christ sake!!! Ashley, she's a kid!!!! Why would you do that to her?!!!!


"Shut up!!!! Shut up!!!!"

looked okay when we came to pick them so what did she do huh? What did

forced them!!!! Mike was crying throughout!!!! She undressed them and slapped them till they did it!!!" I screamed making Michelle

Ashley flinch. I turned to look at Scott and I saw regret, guilt, anger, hatred and shame in his eyes. He turned to look at me but I turned away. I don't

nine huh? Are you happy? If you were so horny why didn't you go and get laid huh?!!! Why?!!!!" I yelled. I turned to look at Michelle and Eric. He had tears in his eyes. I knew he was holding himself fro killing her but I couldn't say the same for Michelle because as soon as Eric's hand left her

bit-" she wanted to reach out again but Ashley stopped

But....I am not the only one with a secret here." She yelled and looked at me making everyone look at me. She came over to me and held me down. I tried getting out of her grip and when I finally

keeping you wai-" they noticed us making Taylor gasp and Blake left with confusion and shock

worriedly and I realized she just caused a big mistake for herself. Oh Taylor, I'm so

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