His Choice Forever

Chapter 11 Chapter 11

It was time for our triple dinner date and also when I was going to be seeing Ashley for the first time since...you know. The boys said we should not wear gowns because they wanted us to 'relive' our teenage lives which led to me wearing a blue denim jeans and a red tank top with a black denim jacket and black ankle boots. I tied my hair up In a neat bun and put on some powder and mascara with a pink lip gloss so to be honest, I looked good.

"Beth, it's time to go" I informed her. She came out looking cute. She was wearing a cute ocean blue shirt with a denim overall shorts and white converses. She did a twin braid.

"Awww, you look so cute. Are you dressing up for Mikey." I cooed and teased her. She blushed a little.

"Stop it. Let's go" she ordered and we left the apartment. I saw Scott waiting outside and boy was I glad to see him. He had ok a black trouser and grey jumper shirt with which made his muscles bulge out of the shirt and black converses.

"A picture would be better you know" he said and smirked. I rolled my eyes at his huge ego.

"Yeah, keep dreaming" we entered the car and left to Ashley's.

"Are You sure I can drop Beth off at Ashley's?" I asked him.

"Yes Miley and what are you worried about Miley. You haven't even met her. In fact, when I said we could drop off bet at Ashley's at first, how did you know that it was Ashley Benson I was speaking of?" He asked suspiciously. Fuck. I have to look for a lie to cover up. I let out a nervous laugh.

"Mia told me about her high school experience and also told me about her. That's why I was afraid of dropping her off at Ashley's" I lied smoothly.

"Oh...oh.. Yeah, how is mi-Emilia doing?" He asked which made me want to smile but I'm Emily Patson who is his girlfriend not me Emilia so I had to frown.

"Why do you ask?"

"Nothing. You know what,...forget I asked."

"Good" I said. We driver in an awkward silence and then it hit me, he didn't even complement me. I wanted to laugh at that but...couldn't.

"You didn't complement me Scott." I told him which made him widen his eyes and started muttering curses under his breath.

your beauty that no word could describe how beautiful you looked. Yeah, no word." He said and smiled but it didn't quite reach his eyes. He just said it for saying sake. I know he didn't mean any word he said.

look too bad yourself." I complemented

hot baby" he said

car." I informed him. We reached Ashley's and saw that the group was already here. We knocked on her door and every knock made my heart a million times faster than its normal beating. The door opened and behold was the girl who hated me. Ashley Benson. She was really pretty now. Her fake extension hair was now a real dirty blonde hair which was in

life out of me already. I was shocked about what she just did same as Scott

gestured for us to

years eh?" She teased with a smirk. I was still dazed. This is

is not Emilia Ashley" Scott said

"Then who's this?"

She works in my company". I had to fake so I smiled and shook

Then, what about Emilia?"

"We broke up"

then looked at each other shocked and looked back at Ashley who seemed amused about

I mistook you for another person. You just look so much like her." She said and I

getting that a lot." I told

heard him mutter 'beautiful as always' but I don't know if it

I kept asking

be there." we Finally got there but we

They said and I nodded. They removed the blindfolds and our eyes

Scott took me-Emilia to. They decorated the place with lights and then there were blankets spread on the floor


to him. A pair of familiar arms wrapped around

said and took my hand. We went to sit on one of the picnic blankets. He opened the basket and there were so many goodies. Ham burgers, PBJ

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