His Choice Forever

Chapter 6 Chapter 6

It was time for the dinner party. I took my clutch and headed to the party. I had on a long sleeveless black gown that had stones wrapped around the waist line like a belt and a glitters showering down the skirt. I put on a wing eyeliner and a red matte lipstick and for my hair, I wrapped it up neatly into a bun and left some strands out with silver pumps that were not too high or low and my stony silver clutch. Too be honest, I didn't I looked bad. I left for the party in a taxi because unfortunately, I didn't have a car.




I reached the party and spotted Taylor but she was with Blake. I was contemplating on going to meet them or not but I went.

"Taylor" I said and smiled at her. She turned to look at me and smiled. Blake also turned but as soon as he saw me, the smile left his face.

"You" he said scowling at me

"What are you doing here" he said venomously. Oh God, help me.

"Hello Blake. Its nice to see y-"

"What. Are. You. Doing. Here!" He said again. Venom dripping out from every word. I actually started getting scared.

"Blake, please don't be angry at me. I don't want you to be ang-"

"Leave" he said and I was startled. I knew they were angry at me but I didn't know they were this angry.

"Blake. Blake, calm down. There are a lot of guest here. You don't want to make a scene" Taylor said.

"I don't care but you better leave this place right now" he said pointing at me and I knew it was actually time to go.

I'll see you

don't leave" she

not angry at them. I'll just leave" I told her and smiled sadly at her. I started walking back but I spotted Michelle but then Eric saw me and mouthed to me 'leave' and glared at me till I walked out of the door. I bumped into someone because my head

you okay mam?" He said. Scott said. Oh my God. I can't allow him to see

I said and wanted to hurry

are you sure because you hit yourself pretty bad" he said and then

go now" I told him backing him

party just started" he

said am fine"

I'm just

okay but can I at least know your

and then thinking he had left me alone, I started walking to

"You're here" he said

"You're here"

"You left me"

"I had to"

again. I was messed up. I went home crying. Beth asked me what was wrong and I told her mother nature was here and so she started laughing which made me laugh also. I





my office" Scott said and my heart was beating like I had ran a marathon race

the masquerade

didn't go to the party" I

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