His Choice Forever

Chapter 5 Chapter 5

Scott's P.O.V

"I don't love you. I have never loved you. You know what, it was all a bet. The first person to break down one of the bad boys' wall gets a countless pass to one if the best clubs in New York. How could I miss out on that deal and so I won. I broke down your wall. Gosh, you were so easy to fool. I don't love you Scott Ryder. Get that in yo-" I woke up. God, why does she have to be in my dreams. Its really infuriating. I went out for a run to calm myself and as I was running, someone bumped into me. I frowned my face and was about to ask what was her problem but then it turned into recognition and confusion.

"Miss Emily?" I asked.

"Good morning sir" her soft voice said. God, it sounds just like mi- hers.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you my name. I am your boss. My name is Scott Ryder, CEO of Ryder Enterprises as you already know" I told her but she looked as if she was sick and feeling dizzy,

"Miss Emily, are you okay?" I asked but then she fainted and then I caught her,

"Miss Emily! Miss Emily!" I didn't know what to do. I didn't know her house and I hated hospitals and I knew I couldn't take her there so I had no other choice but to take her to my house.




She blinked her eyes as she tried to wake up.

"Miss Emily, are you okay?" I asked yes idiot, she's okay and that's why she fainted in your arms a voice said in my head. She opened her eyes,

"Where am I?" She asked.

"Your in my house" I replied.

"Why?" She asked.

your house" I

known it was you" she said. Wow, she's so ungrateful. I just saved her and now she's telling me where I could've taken her.


want to leave so badly, you can go but I want you at the


"8:30 sharp"

a bitter smile and she left. I started




she was checking me out. I was about to smirk and ask the famous line 'like what you see' thing but then

Emily you are

sorry sir, I had to get my little sis-" I

I don't care about your sister. I bet she's just as lazy as you. Your so poor you can't even buy an alarm clock.

then she did the one thing

people, yes and that's why i am working to get money

you laughing" she asked

your face is too

"How?" She asked.

staring at her. Her eyes, they're

me out

her eyes and looked like a kid who's been caught stealing candy and then she ran away. I kept calling her but she

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