His Choice Forever

Chapter 3 Chapter 3

Today is the day to if I know if I know if I'll be broken or not. My first day at work and I'm really nervous or should I say nervous is as an understatement. I hailed a cab.

"Please take me to Ryder enterprises", I entered and we went off. I reached the company, paid the taxi and it left before I could even change my mind.

"Good morning mam, how can I help you?" A woman at the reception desk said. She had curly light brown hair and was complimented by brown eyes and natural pink lips and she also looked familiar. Taylor


"And if I may ask, how do you know my name?" She said as she typed in numbers on a phone which looked like she was about to call security.

"Oh, no, no, you don't have to do that. It's me Emilia. Taylor, its Emilia"

She widened her eyes "Emilia?"

"Emilia?!!!. Oh my God, how I've missed you" she hugged me and continued "you didn't even bother to call. I thought something happened to you the last time you called when you hung up. I was so worried" she choked back a sob. Awww, she missed me,

"am sorry Taylor, its not like I didn't want to call, I just couldn't after everything that had happened" I said, "well, your going to tell me how you've been cause we are meeting up today after I finish work. How did you know I work here?" She said confused

"uhm,I think I also work here."

"Wait, you were the one who called me?" She said with widened eyes,

"Yes mam. Am the one that's a graduate with Ph.d degree in-"

"You know who is the CEO of Ryder enterprises, don't you?"

"I know" I sighed and continued" but what choice do I have, Beth's there for me to take care of and now I go-"

"_who's Beth".

"My adopted sister. we found her on the road the day I and mum left" "awww, that was so nice of Alicia. Wait, where is she? Is she working?" I shook my head.

"Taylor, mum's dead. She passed away on her birthday. she was coming home because I pranked called her saying the house was on fire but it was a lie cause we had a surprise party planned out for her but then she had a heart attack and it was too late. Taylor, if I hadn't lie. She would still be here. Its my fault she's dead Taylor, its my fault.

"Awww Mia, its not your fault"

If I

Taylor?" the familiar deep husky voice

the new

me guess, first


if I may ask, why is she

"its nothing. Just nervousness"

name" he said

"Emily. Emily Patson"

but I don't pay workers to cry so now, it will be good if you go to your office and start your job. Taylor, direct her" and then

also, Taylor. 12pm,my office with

it wasn't our

My office, 12pm, with Blake and

slurred still getting used to calling him

And then I continued

"He's sexy as fuck"

boss your talking about" she

time I saw him.

married to Blake.

25th of

next day. He went home and as he opened his door, balloons

know you can't allow him to see you like this

know" my smile

can I do?" and then her face lit

a wig and

my plan never worked?" and she

I think your

with a grin on

wig and before lunch, I'll


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