His Choice Forever

Chapter 2 Chapter 2

What?!!!, you told him all that?" She said with widened eyes. Right now, we were at the park and I was telling Michelle everything.

"Yes Michelle. If I didn't, it could have been hard for him to leave me. Well I can't believe your married to Eric. What happened. He told me that you guys broke up with Eric and Blake"

"Yeah, we did. But later on, we told them what happe-"

"What?!!" I said. She's my friend for Christ sake how can she tell them what happened. I didn't want him to know

"Mia, Mia, come do-"

"How can you tell me to come down after what you just told me?" I said angrily


"Why Michelle?,i thought we w-"

Shut up!!! Gosh, you talk so much now. I didn't tell them what happened" and she emphasized on what happened

"I just told them that we had to breakup and later on, they came and asked why but we said that if you left Sc- him, then we're afraid they'll leave us too because they're friends with him and so they understood and forgave us. 3 years later, I and Eric met at the Same company and then, he proposed to me and I said yes."

"Oh" was all I could say

"So, how's your job?"

I knew I had to tell her the truth

"Michelle, I got fired"

"What?!. but how?"

"I came in late because I had to drop Beth in school and buy some lunch for her"

"Awwww, i am so sorry"

"It's OK, but guess what?"


"I got a job" and then her face lit up

"Oh my gosh, where?"

and then she continued

Its not only him who has the name

my God, I forgot to tell you, he is now the heartthrob of new York and their company is also in new York. He is the CEO of one of


knowing Mr so

I had just been hit in the head and




she okay?" A familiar voice woke me up. "Yes cutie, she just needed some sleep" Another familiar voice said."am going

"Hey" I said

"Hi, how are you?"

"Am okay"

know how worried I was?" She said as she choked back a sob. Aww


"Its OK"

I pass out?".

telling you again. I


of Ryder enterprises is

widened my eyes. why does this

am starting on

knew your dad would come after the ones you


love him, don't

time again as a player. It breaks me. I still love him after eight fucking years Michelle. Eight years!" I

come here" she hugged me "sorry sweetie. You still miss

much". it was

everything Michelle. Please don't tell

"But why?" she questioned

"OK, I won't"

"Thanks, bye"

felt like I was forgetting something and then it hit

and knocked and knocked until

ha- Mia?. What are

She widened her eyes

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