His Choice Forever

Chapter 1 Chapter 1

Expired milk was one thing I hated especially knowing your going to be late to work and also knowing you won't eat again till the end of your job for the day and now, that's what happening to me. My milk has expired and am not embarrassed to say it, instead am angry "ugh, this is so annoying" "whos abbowing Mia?" my little sister, Elizabeth said. I and mum found her on the road when we were going to new York after I told him I didn't love him. Fortunately, before mum died, they called us and said we were safe because my dad was finally dead and I wouldn't say I was very happy to hear the news. Yes, he made me loose the love of my life but common, he was still my father. "common Beth, let's go set you up for school" and also me. My job isn't paying well and I also hate it cause the clients are so annoying. Don't even get me started on my boss. She is a pain in the ass, sometimes I feel like strangling her so she can know how much it hurt" Mia?" "Yes sweetie?" " your wearing me my singlet on top of my uniform" "oh my gosh, sweetie am so sorry"

"It's no problem Mia. It's too hot so I don't want to wear a singlet" "OK baby, if that's what you want" "common Beth, let's go. I'll buy you some lunch on the way." "OK".




"Hey" I said to Leah who is now married to Alec who I also met here and also told him everything

"Boss's office. Now. Angry with you for coming late" uh-oh. Am in trouble.

"Morning mam" she looked up at me and I swear I could see the fume coming out "We. Lost. Three. Clients. Because. Of. You" "am so sorry mam. I had to take my littles sister to sch-"

"I don't care!"

"Am so sorry. is there anything I can do?"

"Yes" thank God, she isn't being a big bitch about it


"Pack your things and get out", nope I was right, she is being a big bitch

"Excuse me?". "I said pack your stuffs and get out!"

"OK bitch. I have been holding this anger for so long. Your a bitch. A motherfucking bitch!!!"and then I gave her the finger. I packed my stuffs and left "am so sorry Mia" "its OK Leah. It's not your fault. right now I have to go job hunting" "OK. Bye"

"Bye". I left the company and went home and started looking for a job. I didn't know time flew so fast that Beth was back. Oh God, how am I going to tell her what happened "Mia!!!" "Beth!!" "Come here" she ran and hugged me

"How was school?"

"School wos fwine"

you make more



that's nice. So its not a she". "yes, wis a he" "ok, that's nice. Well why don't you go freshen up




Mia?" "Sorry Michelle, I can't come. My job is really tight so I have to work. am so sorry" "its OK. We might meet sometime" "Yeah. Well bye" "bye"and I hung up. now, I


going to call

Its ringing. Its ringing

How may I help you?" A

apply for the

me your details and I will tell you if you are hired or

am a graduate with a Ph.d degree in accounting and

hired. Thank God, at last. uhm, I mean. Your hired, you start on Monday morning

back, we are so going to




"Mia, am back"

so we are going to

can we go out

go out

can we bwing wike?" "A www, does Betty

he come?" She said with a

come" and then her face lit up " but how are we going to

a www, she

do you know where his house is?" her face lit


now let's


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