Hey, My Twins Babies

Chapter 830 Weighing the Gains and Losses

Vanessa became even more worried as she saw Luke crying as well. She was guessing that the two kids might have been bullied at school or criticized by their teachers.

Just then Vanessa noticed a situation where the two people in front of her seemed to be too silent. They were still indifferent despite knowing that the kids were crying and didn't show any worry, so that proved that they knew the reason.

And the reason wasn't the school she was thinking of.

"Tell me what is going on."

Vanessa continued to ask Megan but didn't ask Brian and her sister because she knew very well that they wouldn't say a word even if she asked.

"I want to be with Mom and Dad, and I want Dad to stay with us at Mom's house tonight. But Mom didn't agree, she said Dad has to go home to be with grandpa. Grandpa needs company, but me and my brother need company too."

Even though Megan was crying, it didn't affect her eloquent play, she was going to cry and be capricious for once.

"How much time do we get to spend with our parents? Why can't they just spend time with us? They're busy all day, they're all back but they don't spend time with us."

Megan was still whining incessantly, the only way to get the adults' attention. Even if Mom and Dad insisted, Vanessa might offer help.

What Megan said was very clear, but Vanessa could only feel sorry for the two kids and could not do anything about it.

Seeing that Vanessa didn't say anything, Megan guessed that she was in cahoots with her mother.

So she increased her crying volume and continued to pester Vanessa.

"Aunt Vanessa, can't we spend with tonight with Mom and Dad? Please help us, ok? We'll be with mom and dad tonight, just for one night, okay?"

Megan burst into tears, and her pleading voice even made Vanessa's heart ache.

"Fine, I will tell your Dad to stay at our house tonight. The four of you can play as long as you want."

Vanessa's heart ached for Megan and she had no choice but to take the liberty of agreeing to Megan.

But Winnie raised an objection.

"Vanessa, you can't let the children be so willful, you can't let her get into this habit of having everything when she cries."

"Sister, these two kids are not willful. They know better than other kids in whatever respect, and such a small request won't turn into a habit."

"Besides, you can't blame the kids for the distress you've caused them. Other kids aren't as good and understanding as them, but other people's kids have homes."

"You can't give them a home, can't they be willful for once?"

Vanessa retorted that the point wasn't to develop bad habits, but that Brian had made everything worse.

"Brian, am I right?"

Vanessa asked Brian, in her opinion, the crux of the matter was not her sister, but Brian.

He didn't take his sister seriously, and he didn't put the happiness of his two kids at a premium. It was all his family and his company in his mind. Otherwise the children would not have had the aggravation of today.